There’s Probably a Ghostbusters Car For Rent In Your Town



When it comes to iconic movie cars, Ghostbusters‘ Ecto-1 is right up there with Doc Brown’s Delorean, the Batmobile, the Mystery Machine, and James Bond‘s Aston Martin. And if you are a die-hard fan of the franchise, you can almost certainly rent a replica of the vehicle pretty much anywhere in the United States. Here’s how.

Sites like Cars As Rentals and Drive Share offer you the chance to rent the Ecto-1 and other legendary cars from movies and TV shows for a day (typically for a few hundred bucks, though prices do vary). If you’re worried about the car looking like a lemon, Cars As Rentals’ vehicle has been featured on several TV shows, including Screen Machines and Cars That Rock. It’s even been autographed by Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Ray Parker Jr., Ivan Reitman and his son Jason (who is directing the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife).

There are tons of these types of operations all around the country, so if you want the Ecto-1 at your party or event, you can almost certainly make that happen regardless of location.

If you’re a true Ghostbusters fanatic and just renting the Ecto-1 isn’t good enough for you, you could also go the route of Barrie J. Clark, who managed to build his own version of the car after making his own DIY Ghostbusters costume five years ago. The 56-year-old went all-out, as his replica includes a full-size Proton Pack, a full-size head of Dana Barrett’s “Zuul,” and a projector inside that makes it look like ghosts are spinning around the inside of the car.

But if that is outside of your budget, you can always just hire a Ghostbuster to come to a birthday or holiday party you’re hosting. They only cost about $200 to be at an event for up to an hour and, at the very least, they can make sure your party is free of any ghouls or spirits.