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‘No Time To Die’ Release Date: We’ll See You Someday, Mr. Bond

When is 007 showing up in theaters? How about streaming? Here's the latest about what to know about the 'No Time To Die' release date.


At the start of nearly every James Bond movie, we start from the perspective of somebody who literally has their sites set on taking him out. Inevitably, Bond turns and shoots, and the would-be assassin is no more. But right now, fans of James Bond are looking through our little spyglasses, and once we get a glimpse of Bond, he doesn’t turn to face us, but instead, runs away, out of view. But when is the release date for No Time To Die? And will it go straight to streaming?

It’s not his fault, of course. Literally, every movie on the planet changed its release date because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Well maybe not Tenent or Croods 2, but whatever.) The point is, while Mulan went straight to Disney+ and Wonder Woman 1984 launched a gutsy new strategy for Warner Bros, 007 has been biding his time, hoping for a regular-old theatrical release…eventually. We’ve joked before that No Time To Die has plenty of time to die, but of all the hotly-anticipated big movies, this one has seemingly moved the most. Here’s the latest on No Time To Die’s eventual release date.

When will No Time To Die hit theaters?

As of January 21, 2021, No Time To Die is now scheduled to hit theaters on OCTOBER 8, 2021.

We’ve actually lost count of how many times the release date has moved, but this basically means the movie will come out like a year and a half “late.”

When will No Time To Die hit streaming?

Right now, it seems like No Time To Die is sticking to its guns as a traditional movie release, which means a streaming or VOD version of the movie (or Blu-ray) won’t happen until like 2022, assuming that the movie actually comes out this October in theaters. Now, Fauci did suggest that people might be able to go to the movies “sometime in the Fall,” so there’s that. As fo this writing, we’re not sure if Fauci also works for Q Branch, but we’re not ruling it out.

Will No Time To Die skip theaters and go straight to streaming?

The answer here seems to be a big NOPE. Although there was some talk that No Time To Die almost hit Apple TV+, apparently that’s not the case anymore. That said, the people behind the Bond movies, have suggested that maybe future Bond shows or movies could debut straight-to-streaming. Insert a “for your eyes only” dad-pun here.

Here’s where you can stream every James Bond movie online right now. Like the No Time To Die release date, these movies move around a lot! But, we update this every month.