NASA and LEGO EducationTeam Up to Teach Kids How to Launch Rockets

The STEAM exploration series is a new frontier for Lego sets.

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What does it take to launch a rocket to the Moon? The answer is a combination of imagination, science, inspiration, and education, and it’s why LEGO Education and NASA have just unveiled the Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series, a free, 10-week hands-on lesson series designed to re-engage kids as they return to the classroom and to spark curiosity and involvement in STEAM, all keyed to the NASA Artemis I mission set to take place in November.

The LEGO Education/NASA lessons can be adapted for both at-home and in-class learning and are meant to encourage kids to work together to solve out-of-this-world problems — just like the NASA teams, they’re studying. Sessions will be grouped into three learning themes aligned with the mission: Getting to Space, Testing and Transport, and Working in Space, complemented with such interactive components as the LEGO Minifigures Kate and Kyle as members of the flight and ground crews involved in a typical NASA mission. Students will hear directly from the LEGO Space Team, during weekly press conferences, as they prepare for the mission.Additionally, students will experience the building and assembling of parts, much like the stacking of the Artemis I mission’s powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. And, during interactive episodes, teachers and their students can submit questions to be answered by NASA and Kate and Kyle, the animated LEGO Education Minifigures.Parents and teachers can avail themselves of Build to Launch on a weekly basis, for free, and the series can be readily adapted for non-tech use with materials available in classrooms or with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime sets. Visit LEGOeducation.com/BuildtoLaunch for additional information and to be notified in advance of the lessons starting in September.

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