These Are Kevin Hart’s Best, Most Relatable, Dad Jokes, Ever

We don't take parenting advice from Hart. But we do laugh along with his pain.

Kevin Hart looking surprised
Credit: Netflix

Kevin Hart’s goal is not to paint himself in the best light. Love him or hate him, Hart’s whole deal is to present himself as flawed and human. So, when he tells dad jokes or jokes about being a dad, his standup bits aren’t moments of triumph, but more often, moments of hilarious failure.

It’s hyperbolic, self-deprecating id personified that hilariously teases out common parenting frustrations. Sure, laugh at his pain. Just keep in mind that as effective as his comedy is at bringing audiences joy, it is by no means prescriptive. Here are some of Hart’s more hilarious parenting stories that are as perfect for entertainment as they are inadvisable for emulation. These are his most relatable moments, ever.

Daddy Day

One of the greatest gifts you can give your partner is a day off from parenting. Great idea in theory, but sometimes difficult to execute well. Hart’s “Daddy Days” as he calls them take on a circus-like quality that he has a hard time mastering. “I panic too much when it comes to my kids. I’m not gonna lie. I make mistakes. I’m not the best parent in the world,” Hart confesses. “I forgot to feed my kids once…”

Oh, dear.

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Literal Obedience

Like most parents, Kevin Hart can run short on patience. Granted, sometimes he sets parenting traps for himself. “I don’t like it when I tell my kids to do stuff, and they do exactly what I say. Like, I want you to do it, but I want you to do it exactly how I picture you doing it,” he says. Because hilariously enough, precise obedience is one of the oldest tricks in the precocious kid playbook.

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Taking the Trash Out

Some parents assign their kids chores that they would rather not do themselves. Kevin Hart assigns his kids chores that he’s afraid to do. Like how he makes his son take the trash out in the dark. And even though his son isn’t too fond of the dark himself, Hart insists on pushing that responsibility down to the next generation. “This is your journey son. You’ve got to do this by yourself,” Hart says. Though he is willing to stand just inside the door…in case he has to close it to protect himself.

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When Kevin Hart’s son was young, he thought he was Spider-Man. Or at least that he had the same powers as Spider-Man. Which is a fun game to play with your kid, but can cause some bumps in the road if they attempt to unleash those powers during a playground kerfuffle.

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