Iron Man Vs. Magneto Is Tearing the Internet Apart

Would the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist stand a chance against the metal manipulator?

FOX / Marvel & Disney

If there’s two things the internet loves, it’s arguing and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So naturally, Twitter found a way to combine the two in a heated debate about who would win in a battle between Magneto and Iron Man, two of the mightiest figures in Marvel.

NewRockstars asked “who’s winning this fight?” with photos of the two and that was all that was needed to get people to start firing off takes. For the Magneto fans, the argument was fairly simple: there is no way that a guy whose entire thing is flying around in a suit made of iron would be able to put up a fight against a guy who can literally control metal. Case closed, right? Of course not.

Iron Stans retorted that Tony Stark has many suits that aren’t made of any metal substances, including ones made from “titanium and gold alloy, Uru, and alien metal.” So Magneto’s powers would be rendered useless. Plus, one fan pointed out that the two already battled in the comics and Iron Man won, proving that he’s the superior super.

From there, things devolved into the nerdiest tit-for-tat possible, with Magneto defenders noting that even if he couldn’t control the suit he could still use his powers to take down Iron Man with ease. While Stark apologists said it was ridiculous to think that the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist would have surely already run simulations to prepare for this fight and ensure his victory.

And like all great online debates, things got off track in the best way possible with fans bringing other superpowered beings like Jean Grey and Wolverine into the mix for fun.

But the definitive answer to this question may have already been given by the man who created both characters. The late Stan Lee addressed constant fan speculation about hypothetical superhero showdowns in one of his Stan’s Rants back in 2013 and gave a response that is completely honest, though it’s probably unlikely to satisfy diehard MCU fans.

“The person who’d win in a fight is the person that the script-writer wants to win!” Lee explained.

Of course, he’s right but half the fun of being a fan of things like Marvel or Star Wars or whatever nerdy franchise tickles your fancy is diving deep into the lore and minutiae to try and figure out which hero or villain is mightiest of them all.

And with the X-Men set to officially join the MCU after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox back in 2019, we may get to see once and for all who would win between Iron Man and Magneto (though comic fans know that any “definitive” answer is likely to be reversed or changed before too long).