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The Best Christmas Movie of All-Time Is Finally Getting a Sequel

Let's hope they don't shoot their eye out.

A Christmas Story

Christmas has come extremely early this year, as it was announced yesterday that A Christmas Story is getting a sequel almost 40 years after the original.

A Christmas Story Christmas is set to be released on HBO Max and will have Peter Billingsley reprising his most iconic role as Ralphie, the little boy who is desperate to get his hands on a Red-Ryder BB gun. Billingsley, who has become a successful director and producer over the past few decades, will also be a producer in the sequel.

At this point, not much is known about the sequel but the fact that Billingsley is onboard should excite fans of the original. The sequel will take place in the ’70s (the 1983 film took place in the ’40s) and features a now grown-up Ralphie returning to his childhood home in Cleveland to try and recreate the holiday magic for his own kids.

And if you’re worried about the sequel not having the same rough edges of the original, you’ll be glad to hear that the script for A Christmas Story Christmas is written by Nick Schenk, who is the screenwriter behind Gran Torino and The Mule, two very gritty films. And it’s also being directed by Clay Kaytis, a guy who is no stranger to Yuletide filmmaking, as he directed both of The Christmas Chronicles.

Living up to the original (which is widely considered THE definitive Christmas movie) will be tough but for now, I’m going to keep my hopes up that this sequel will become a holiday classic in its own right, delivering a fresh take on the anti-nostalgia message of Ralphie’s not-so-wonderful life.

There’s no confirmed release date but filming is set to begin in Hungary next month, so it stands to reason the movie will be ready in time for Christmas.