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The 24 Best Gifts for Grandparents

They'll say they love whatever you get them. But with these gifts, they'll actually mean it.

Grandparents are notoriously hard to shop for. They have everything, and usually don’t want much. The best gifts for grandparents either make their everyday routines a little easier or more luxurious, are things that they wouldn’t buy for themselves — like that fancy coffee maker, easy-to-use gadget, or extra-nice throw blanket — or are high in sentimental value. Gifts that lend themselves to connection are always meaningful, like a game the family can play together or an outing with the grandchildren. These gifts for grandparents all strike the right balance between thoughtful and nice.

This towel warmer is like giving the gift of ending every shower with a towel fresh out of the dryer. Unlike most towel warming racks, this warming bucket requires no installation, and it's extra large, so it can fit two oversized towels, or a robe or throw blanket. And the sleek design makes it look more like decor than a bulky appliance.

This vase-like cup charges and sanitizes a cellphone in just 20 minutes. If your parents never answer their phones because they're dead, set this up for them in a high traffic area, like a side table or nightstand, and they might just become more reliable. It works on any qi-enabled smart phone, which includes the iPhone 8 and any newer models, any Samsung Galaxy including and past the 5, any Google Nexus 4 and newer, and many Nokia Lumias.

It's hard to go wrong with a cozy throw blanket. This oversized version, made from Belgian linen, works in all seasons, and looks good wherever it's thrown.

Upgrade their evening drink with this decanter, which makes a bottle of liquor look like a piece of decor, and makes pouring a glass feel like a damn luxury.

This digital frame allows you to display a rotating selection of photos in a frame that looks like the real deal. But the best part is that there's no installation or uploadings - just download the accompanying app and you can send photos right to the screen. Share your memories from vacation, the playground, or — these days — home.

Legacy box makes it easy to trade in old home videos stuck on old forms of technology for more current versions. They mail you a box, you fill it with all of your VHS tapes, audio cassettes, rolls of film or old photos, you send it back to them, and they return the photos, audio, or film back in the format of your choice, either a set of DVDs, flash drive, or a downloadable file. It saves a ton of headaches and starts at just $27 for two items.

If the grandparents on your list are the kind who eagerly await the Sunday paper for its crossword puzzle, give them a whole year of puzzles with this book from the editors of the New York Times.

This is one of those candles whose scent fills up the whole house. It's also more reasonably priced than its luxury counterparts. Its a light, fresh scent is bright without being cloyingly sweet, and will makes a room warm and cozy even on the most grey winter days.

These key-like devices allow you to open doors and press buttons without actually touching the germy surfaces. These make a cute stocking stuffer for the extra germ-conscious.

This small, handheld want allows you to sanitize anything you can think of easily and without touching it. Swipe it over keyboards, doorknobs, and faucets for more peace of mind. Just note that the FDA warns that while UV light is a known disinfectant and may be able to deactivate the coronavirus, it has to come in direct contact with the virus. UV light can't deactivate a virus if it's covered by dust or bodily fluids or inside a porous surface, so this wand won't replace good old fashioned cleaning.

Make their everyday routine a little more luxurious. This electric tea kettle allows users to choose from five temperature presets fit for different kinds of tea. It doesn't hurt that it looks great on the counter either.

Give them a coffee table book they'll actually look through. Artifact Uprising makes gorgeous, customizable hardcover photo books that are both sentimental and nice enough to double as decor.

If stay-at-home orders have interrupted their cappuccino habit, this surprisingly affordable stovetop espresso maker will allow them to make drinks at home. Plus, they'll get to say that they make coffee like an Italian.

Brandon Stanton started using Instagram to document conversations with everyday people he met on the street back in 2010. But his strikingly intimate conversations quickly earned him a global audience. This beautiful, heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking book expands his reach, telling the stories of people in over 40 countries. It's a great antidote to this isolating and divisive year.

No coffee snob's kitchen is complete without a milk frother. This one does both hot and cold foam, and holds enough milk to make four drinks at once. Milk heats up in just two minutes.

Give the tea-lovers and foodies in your life some nice ass tea, plus a collection of recipes that incorporate it. This set includes a chai, matcha, and two green teas from Palais Des Thes, a specialty tea shop based in Paris. Recipes include chai tea rice pudding, matcha mayonnaise, and ochazuke rice.

Winc curates and stocks a collection of more than 100 wines, and delivers right to Grandma and Grandpa's door. It lets shoppers browse by type and sweetness, and suggests specific bottles based on a short palate quiz, and how users rate bottles they've had before. A one-month subscription costs $60, but you can purchase a gift card for any amount.

Both experienced gardeners and those lacking a green thumb can enjoy this small, smart, indoor garden. It's small enough to fit on a windowsill, is self-watering, and has an LED panel that helps plants get the light they need even in windowless spaces. Just fill-up the water reservoir once a month, plug it in, and watch plants thrive. It comes with basil starter pods, but any herbs will work.

Masterclass allows members to take cooking classes with Wolfgang Puck and writing classes taught by David Sedaris and Shonda Rhimes, learn about conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall and take tennis lessons from Serena Williams, all from home. A one-year membership includes access to the entire library of 90 plus classes, most of which include 20 10-minute lessons and a workbook that can be accessed anytime.

You may not be able to afford to give the rents a Gray Malin print, but you can entertain them with a puzzle version of one. This 500 piece puzzle strikes the right balance between absorbing and achievable, and it's double sided, so they get two puzzles in one.

If you're shopping for a home cook, you can't go wrong with a French Oven from a legacy brand like Staub. It moves seamlessly from the stovetop to the oven and looks great on the table too.

Need a gift for someone who has everything? This gorgeous wreath makes for a beautiful piece of decor all year round.

If they love classic games like backgammon, get them this gorgeous set, which folds up to look like a coffee table book.

If dominoes are more their thing, this set from MoMa, designed with cubist and abstract modernist art in mind (whatever that means) is a solid choice.

This small sanitizing case lets you strip your phone of germs while it charges. It can also be used for keys, pens, or pacifiers. It works by subjecting the phone to UVC light, which is a known disinfectant. The FDA says that UVC light can only inactivate viruses if it comes in direct contact with the virus, without dust or other barriers, so it's a good idea to give your phone a quick wipedown beforehand.

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