These 6 Pixar Shorts Are the Best Thing on Disney+

Remember 'Bao'? Or 'Piper'?

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Disney+ launched yesterday and although the platform appears to be a bit of a messwidespread outages have been kicking people out of the platform or leaving them unable to log-on in the first place — but that doesn’t mean the platform’s launch is entirely a disaster. The launch features a ton of classics like That Darn Cat! and the original Parent Trap movie. It also features Pixar short films that are typically only seen at the beginning of the movie theatre screening of a Pixar movie. The platform boasts 25 of these short vignettes right now — but given Disney’s slow rollout plan for the films, there might be many more down the turnpike. Here are, out of the 25 total short films on the platform, the 6 best Disney Pixar shorts streaming on Disney+ right now — if we had to choose.


Released in 2018, Bao is a heartwarming, 7-minute short film about a mother making dumplings (or bao buns) in her kitchen. One bun springs to life and becomes the mother’s “baby,” so to speak. The little dumpling grows up, goes through the teenage years, gets a girlfriend, a soul patch, and eventually moves out of the house, breaking the mom’s heart. Not all is lost: without spoiling the ending too much, the dumpling eventually comes back (with a brand new look) and makes amends with his mom.



Kitbull, which came out this year, is an 8-minute short film about an unlikely friendship between a stray cat and an abused pit bull puppy who escapes from his terrible owner. Do I even need to say anything else? The pitty and his kitty friend slum it on the streets until finding happiness forever, and yeah, just, prepare the tissues.


Float is another instant short film classic that came out in 2019 and it follows the vein of a few shows on television right now, like Netflix’s Raising Dion, but in a few minutes instead of a whole season’s worth of television.The film, a short about a kid with extraordinary powers — the ability to float — is equally about his father, who struggles to raise a “different” son in an ordinary world. A story of acceptance and fatherly love, any dad who watches this is sure to just choke up.


Piper, released in 2016, is less heavy than Bao and Kitbull and Float combined and thank god for that. This quick short is a sweet diddy about a hatchling sandpiper — the birds that pick shells out of the sand on the tide of the beach — figuring out how to eat like mom and dad is just, well, cute.

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is practically old school — released in 2009 and just five, short minutes long — the film plays on the myth of the stork that brings babies to mommies and daddies all over the world be they dogs, cats, or humans. The person who makes them? Big storm clouds, and one of those clouds is not very good at his job. Instead of sweet, cuddly kittens, the loner cloud makes baby alligators, baby rams, baby sharks, and more dangerous things for his stork friend to deliver. It’s a really, really sweet short about friendship and difference.

Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs — made in 1933, so it’s technically not Pixar — is as old as many people’s grandparents. But that’s why it’s so good: kids need to remember the old-school cartoons like Looney Tunes and this classic rendition of the tale of the Three Little Pigs is chock-full of slapstick, nostalgic humor that will make everyone laugh. (Warning: it was made in 1933. There is some racist stuff in it. Consider it a teachable moment.)

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