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10 Best Halloween Movies For Kids On Amazon

They're spooky fun!

We’re weeks away from the ultimate dress-up day: Halloween. Celebrate this ancient holiday, which was originally created by the Celtics to ward off ghosts and other malicious spirits, with some family-friendly All Hallows Eve movies on Amazon. Most of the movies on this particular list are silly rather than bone-chillingly scary, but it can be good to remind your children that sometimes laughter is the best antidote to fear. At least, it is according to J.K. Rowling. Halloween is meant to be fun and encompasses a lot of fall traditions, which movies like The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween!, explains to kids. You can also use Halloween as a way to introduce children to your favorite movies, like Ghostbusters for example. There’s nothing like showing your kids something you love and bonding over it. So rip open a bag of Halloween candy that’s meant for the trick-or-treaters and get ready for a Halloween movie marathon with these films from Amazon.