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The Best Halloween LED Lights For Your Haunted House

Because you can do better than plastic pumpkin lights.

You cannot call yourself a proper Halloween aficionado if you don’t have proper Halloween lights and even a Halloween light projector.

Christmas gets all the hype, but Halloween decorating is way better. You can turn your yard into a full graveyard, haunted house, or zombie graveyard that leads into a haunted house. And while Jack-o’-lanterns and hanging skeletons are great, Halloween lights really bring a creepily curated yard to the next level. We don’t mean simple pumpkin lights. Rather, we mean some of these lights, lanterns, and effects packages, which look great and help you go to the next level. Here are our favorite Halloween lights to use.

The patterns on this Halloween light projector simply segue from one to another, for a seamless haunted experience.

The images shift from one to another when you turn on this waterproof light projector. You can use it indoors or out, and you can project onto any wall, curtain and even ceiling with the adjustable 180 degree bracket joint.

These insane Halloween LED lights come with a remote control that has eight lighting modes.

You get three sets of lights: Bats, pumpkins, and ghosts. The remote control lets you decide if you want the lights to flash, or whether you want things spooky and dim.

You cannot have actual burning candles with kids in the house, so these colorful Halloween LED candles are the perfect solution.

Set the mood without starting a fire with these Halloween LED candles. They’re fun to look at, and definitely make things scary in a kid-friendly way.

The great thing about this Halloween projector is its automatic timer: The projector light will automatically turn off after six hours and turn back on after 18 hours.

Use the stake and stick this thing in the ground. Don’t worry, it’s weatherproof. It comes with 16 slides, so you have every season covered. We’re partial to the wacky witches and goblins.

Like a horror movie come to life, this LED light flickers on and off.

The rusty, chain-operated lightbulb is a classic horror trope typically used to illuminate some kind of basement torture chamber. In short, it’s scary, and with this plug-in fixture you can bring some of that fear into your own haunted home. The included LED light has the appearance of a much older Edison bulb that flickers ominously, a sure sign that restless spirits are nearby.

If you ask us, this ridiculous slimer encapsulates everything Halloween is all about.

When its motion sensor is activated, this Slimer light will play the Ghostbusters theme song and slide back and forth along the cord on which it’s hung. The green goober’s eyes light up and his whole body glows in the dark, too, so he looks especially cool at night

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