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Best Halloween Movies For Kids Streaming On Hulu

These family-friendly movies are a whole lot of fun!

With pumpkins around every corner and Halloween costumes and candy in every store, Halloween is officially upon us. Your kids have — hopefully — decided on what they’re going to be this Halloween and are eagerly enjoying the Halloween decorations everywhere. Get them even more excited for trick-or-treating with this list of family-friendly Halloween movies on Hulu. Some are a little spooky, some are a little silly and some are a little bit of both. Either way, they feature witches, ghosts, Jack Skellington and plenty of pumpkins. These films won’t keep your kids up late with nightmares like some PG-13 or R-rated fare that is wildly popular this time of year. Halloween is also a great time for traditions. You might be familiar with the films on this list, because they were popular when you were younger. Maybe you even grew up with them. So choose to treat your kids with classic spooky films that you loved this Halloween with one of these films were Hulu.