Zombie Skittles Halloween Costume Releases Putrid Smell — Here’s How to Win One

The costume is six feet wide and is totally free for lucky winners.

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For many of us, Halloween might not be the most pressing day on our calendars, given the upcoming 2020 presidential election, Thanksgiving plans, Christmas around the corner, the pandemic, remote learning, and juggling all of the above. For those of us who have let Halloween and its planning fall by the wayside (trick-or-treating might not be able to happen, Halloween parties definitely should not, etc) a costume might be one of the numerous items we have yet to acquire to “celebrate” the spookiest day of the year, even if that celebration is simply watching Disney+ Halloween movies on repeat. Luckily, Skittles has stepped in with a truly gross, but also fun, costume that you can win for free.

The Zombie Skittles costume, which is basically a huge suit made to look like a massive bag of skittles that has a 6-foot-wide-frame. It makes the wearer look like a bag of the now-infamous Zombie Skittles that went viral last week after a mom realized she had been giving her kids bags of them without realizing exactly what they were (and that at least one candy in the bag tastes like garbage.) It’s just a simple costume, and it’s probably super comfortable, but the best part is that there’s a hidden “Zombie Mode” button. That button, which sits on the wrist of the costume wearer, releases “the smell of rotten zombie,” when pressed, ensuring that if someone gets too close, they’ll get absolutely smacked by the stinky stench of rotten zombie.

Unfortunately, only a few lucky folks will be able to wear the coveted Zombie Skittles costume. Folks who have been late on getting their Halloween plans together can enter to win a costume on until tomorrow, Friday, October 23. Since there are only a few costumes available, winners will be selected at random on October 26, meaning that costumes will arrive at the winners’ doors just in time for Halloween, whether it’s celebrated in a socially distant trick-or-treating trip or on the couch with a plate of orange-frosted spooky cupcakes.

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