World Cup 2022: What To Expect From Friday's USA v. England Match

A quick guide to a soccer match that the whole world will be watching.

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For two countries that aren’t technically soccer rivals, the United States vs. England World Cup match on Friday packs a ton of juice. So don’t be surprised if the game comes up in conversation around the Thanksgiving dinner table this year, and don’t find yourself unprepared for the conversation (or the conversation about the many World Cup 2022 controversies, either) — or the game itself. Here’s a primer on how to watch the massive World Cup match and what to expect from the occasion.

How can I watch the US vs. England World Cup match, and can I watch it for free?

The US vs. England Men’s World Cup match will be available for free on Fox, starting at 2 p.m. Eastern. Tune in a few minutes ahead of time to catch the national anthems, which is one of the best parts of any international soccer match. For more viewing options, check out the Fatherly guide on How To Legally Watch The World Cup For Free.

Where can I watch the game if I missed it?

Thankfully, the match takes place on Black Friday, which is a quasi-national holiday in the US. But if you get stranded in a long checkout line or had to shift a family gathering to the day after Thanksgiving, you can stream the game for free and on-demand on Tubi later. All World Cup matches will be available to stream on Tubi for free 30 minutes after the conclusion of each game.

Who usually wins when the U.S. and England play?

The United States and England have squared off only twice in men’s World Cup play, and England has yet to come out victorious. In 1950, the United States pulled off one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history with a team largely made up of part-time players. They defeated England 1-0 in a game that is now known as “the miracle match.”

The two countries wouldn’t meet again in World Cup play until 2010 when a U.S. squad headed by Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, and Tim Howard managed a 1-1 draw. Things didn’t look good early when the United States gave up a goal just four minutes into the match, but some shaky English goalkeeping later in the first half allowed them to tie it up and hold on for yet another upset.

Can the United States beat England this time?

It’s not likely, but it’s possible. With considerable talent and experience, England is one of the betting favorites to win the entire tournament. They looked amazing in a 6-2 rout of Iran on Monday, whereas the U.S. put in a solid — but not remarkable — performance in their 1-1 draw with Wales. But England is known to have lapses in big tournaments, and this World Cup has already seen a couple of massive upsets, so the United States can dare to dream.

What happens if the United States loses to England?

The United States, England, Wales and England all play each other once in the group stage of this World Cup, with the top two teams from the group advancing to the knockout rounds. The Iran vs. Wales match early Friday morning will go a long way toward determining the United States’ path forward.

Regardless, losing to England wouldn’t be a catastrophic result in and of itself as no matter what happens the US will still have a mathematical shot to advance going into their final group match against Iran.

What happens if the United States and England Tie?

For starters, Ted Lasso will be displeased. “Sorry, that’s going to take some getting used to for me,” the fictional soccer coach said in his introductory press conference at AFC Richmond. “Because, back where I’m from, you try to end the game in a tie, well, that might as well be the first sign of the Apocalypse.”

In actuality, a tie wouldn’t be horrible. Not only will the world not end if the United States earn another draw, but it would put them in a reasonably good position to advance to the knockout round. It would also immediately see U.S. fans change course and start rooting hard for England to beat Wales in their final group match to help the Amerian’s cause.

When does the United States play next?

Following their match against England, the United States will play Iran on Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern.

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