What happens when you have 8 fails in 2 minutes? Hilarity.


Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Has 8 Fails in Two Minutes

by Devan McGuinness

There have been several funny viral moments thanks to game shows before. The latest comes from Wheel of Fortune and a series of snafus and bad luck that got more absurd as time went on. The result is a hilarious clip that has the collective internet laughing and covering their eyes. Here’s what happened.

The whole thing began with a puzzle in the “phrase” category. The answer seemed super obvious, according to the internet, but not at all to the contestants who had a heck of a time trying to figure it out.

The puzzle was “AN_THER FEATHER _N Y__R _A_” and first up to guess was Laura. She chose to spin the wheel, asked for an “O” which made the answer of the puzzle even more obvious. “AN_THER FEATHER _N YO_R _A_” is where the puzzle is left for Chris who asked for a “G,” which there isn’t one, followed by Thomas who hit Bankrupt.

That means it goes back to Laura, who took several stabs at guessing the answer – all of them wrong though. That last word tripped her up trying “hat,” before it went back to Chris who guessed “D,” and Thomas lost a turn. Laura correctly guessed the letter “p” leading her to guess “map” as the last word. Chris lands on Bankrupt, and then, finally, Thomas was able to guess a letter and eventually solve the puzzle: “ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR CAP.”

It was a journey that shouldn’t have taken so long. Of course, host Pat Sajak threw out some subtle jabs at how much of a struggle that round was. And the internet had a field day with the whole snafu after snafu.

We’re sure solving for these puzzles are a lot harder in real life that it is on TV. There’s a whole lot of people staring at you, the time is limited, and all those lights. We’re happy for the giggle though.