Wait. Did You Know Bill Burr Is In Freaking Star Wars Now?

The comedian reveals how he got sucked into a galaxy, far, far away.


Bill Burr is not a Star Wars fan. In 2015, he described the saga as a “cheesy self-help book, set in outer space with muppets.” And yet, now, Bill Burr is going to appear in the Star Wars galaxy. The comedian is straight-up in the new Disney+ Star Wars TV series; The Mandalorian.

Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, Bill Burr explained how Iron Man-director Jon Favreau roped-him-into being cast on The Mandalorian. Saying he’s “never been a sci-fi guy,” Burr made it seem like the reason Favreau wanted him for a role in The Mandalorian was exactly because of the comedian’s contentious relationship with the famous franchise. “Jon says ‘I’m doing this Star Wars thing do you want to do something?’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know, I’m kind of always making fun of it.’ And he goes ‘I think it would be funny, I think your fans would get a kick out of the fact you’re in it.'”

So, far there’s only been one trailer for The Mandalorian, which depicts the titular helmeted bounty hunter being a badass and hunting down all sorts of aliens and dudes who used to be bad guys on Breaking Bad. According to Burr, you can see his “bald head” in one shot of the trailer, which, upon a second glance, appears to be true!

Credit: Lucasfilm

No word yet on what Burr’s role in the show will be, or if it’s just a simple cameo and the back of his head is all we’re getting. The Mandalorian debuts on November 12, the same day Disney+ goes live. Here’s how to get a jump on a subscription.