Watch Gordon Ramsay Get Hilariously Pranked By Daughter in Viral TikTok

Only Tilly could get away with this.

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Tilly Ramsay pranks dad Gordon Ramsay

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, kids are finding more hilarious ways to prank their parents. The harmless jokes go viral often on the platform, with more kids trying the tricks and having a laugh at their parent’s expense. And Tilly Ramsay, daughter to the chef and restaurateur legend Gordon Ramsay, tried the viral egg in a water bottle prank, and Gordon fell for it.

While the video itself is just super funny and would be as funny if it were even just a normal, non-reality cooking television famous dad being bested, the videos definitely went viral quickly because any opportunity to laugh at Gordon is a fun one. More than 14 million people watched Tilly trick her dad into thinking she can push a full egg, shell and all, into a water bottle. He fell for it so hard.

Sitting at a table, Tilly holds a full water bottle placed on the table. Tilly places the egg on the top of the bottle in place of the water cap. Moving her hands around as if she were conjuring up the magical spirits, she makes a quick movement, and it looks like the egg has disappeared.

Impressed, Gordon leans in for a closer look to see if the egg has, in fact, made its way inside the water bottle. In a swift movement, right as Gordon leans closer, Tilly squeezes the bottle sending water shooting onto her dad’s face. Then, as he’s wiping his eyes, Tilly cracks the egg on his head, confusing him further. Before he can even wipe his eyes, Tilly takes off running.

Tilly can’t hold back her laughter while Gordon tries to get his senses back. The Hell’s Kitchen star re-shared the video on his Instagram as well. “Someone did the dishes last night in the Ramsay household….” he wrote in the caption. (We assume it was Tilly.)

In the comments of both Tilly’s TikTok video and Gordon’s re-share on Instagram, thousands of people laughed at Gordon getting his. And it was clear that everyone knows only Tilly could get away with doing something like this to her dad.

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