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Watch Gordon Ramsay Judge His Own Kids’ Cooking Skills for His 50th Birthday

Is the short-tempered chef going soft?

YouTube: Gordon Ramsay

Cooking for Gordon Ramsay is a daunting task given the Hell’s Kitchen host’s reputation of being the culinary world’s biggest hot head. But Ramsay’s own kids were up for the challenge over the weekend, when they whipped up an impressive multiple-course meal for the celebrity chef’s 50th birthday. And instead of the usual over-the-top insults (he is the man who invented the phrase “idiot sandwich,” after all), Ramsay was—dare we say it—nice.

“Tilly, it’s beautiful,” he gushed, referring to the first course of ravioli, made by youngest daughter Matilda. “The pasta is so nice and thin.” Of course, he couldn’t resist a slight jab before the meal, joking, “They let you in the kitchen?!”

But to Ramsay’s surprise, the meal only got better from there. Matilda and 18-year-old brother Jack served filet de boeuf as the entree, which Ramsay described as having “a nice sear on the outside and pink in the middle. The perfect way to eat filet.”

While it seems obvious that a parent would praise their own children’s cooking no matter what, Matilda was incredibly unsure of how her dad, who turns 50 on November 8, would like the food. The 16-year-old confessed to him as she served the meal, “I’m a bit nervous cooking food like this for you. Because, well, you’re you!”

Looks like she had nothing to worry about, though. Even the dessert, a melting chocolate ball served over dry ice, received not just one but five wows. High praise for the Ramsay kids since getting a compliment from the chef, even if he’s your dad, is, well, bloody brilliant.