This Small Town Fixed The Worst Part About Halloween

There’s always one standing issue that parents face as a direct result of Halloween night — and a small town just fixed it.

A brother and sister out trick or treating with their father, The little girl looks thrilled at the ...
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If you peek into any parent's house right now, there’s a non-zero chance you’ll find a stressed-out parent trying to convince their kid to stop switching their costume idea because it is simply too late. Halloween will be here in less than a week. There’s always one standing issue (not related to costumes) that parents face as a direct result of Halloween night — and a small town just fixed it.

Trick-or-treating, more often than not, falls on a weeknight. That means parents are up later than they want to be, and kids are up far later than they should be, usually hyped up on the sugar they worked hard for. That sets everyone up for a rough November 1st. And when Halloween falls on a weekday, it causes a lot of disruption in sleep and patience. It’s really the worst part about Halloween.

Sleep matters a lot to kids: Sleep routine disruptions can lead to behavioral issues for kids, which can lead to trouble at home and at school. It’s also near-impossible for parents to squeeze in everything they want to on Halloween night, and it ruins some of the magic that has to be so rushed.

These struggles aren’t new, and many parents have been calling to change the date of trick-or-treating to the last Saturday of October for years now. Some parents want it moved to a weekend, while others are asking to have the next day off work or school and recognize Halloween as a holiday, such as Easter or Christmas, to allow families to really zero in on the fun.

Well, Brentwood Borough in Allegheny County near Pittsburgh decided to change the date of trick-or-treating this year from Monday, October 31st. Instead, the town has opted to change trick-or-treating to a Saturday.

“No need to leave work early to try and beat rush hour traffic this year to help get your child into his new Mandalorian costume,” a community notice reads.

“In recognition of the difficulties of efficiently and safely conducting a Trick or Treating event during the work week, Council has authorized the rescheduling of these festivities to Saturday, October 29th,” the borough also shared on Twitter. “Still takes place during the traditional 6p-8p time slot.”

Reactions on Twitter were mixed with some upset that there wasn’t enough notice that trick-or-treating would be moved. Others have shared that the date change is going to make life easier for parents, and will make the event more fun for kids, and teachers, too.