This Guy Tried to Cancel Grilling. Then the Backlash Started

Right before 4th of July?

It’s officially Fourth of July weekend and that means all across the country, people will bust out their grill to cook up some ribs, steaks, or whatever culinary cuisine their heart desires. But a viral article has attacked the long-respected tradition of grilling, saying that it’s an outdated and overrated way to prepare food.

“Your grill is filthy, has poor temperature control, and for some idiot reason has the heating element *below* the food so fat drips into it and catches fire. There’s a better way to cook: In your kitchen,” Insider’s Josh Barro wrote.

Barro’s argument is based around the idea that people enjoy the spectacle of grilling but it’s not actually a practical way to prepare food. He says that if you really want to make the most of your food, you are better off making it on the stove or in the oven.

Obviously, this scorching hot take received a lot of responses online, with many people voicing their strong disagreement with Barro’s anti-grilling opinion.

“It’s obvious you never learned to grill properly or heard of indirect heat,” one person tweeted, along with a photo of their grill.

“Tell us you can’t grill without telling us you can’t grill,” another skeptic wrote.

But not everyone was in opposition to Barro’s view and some even voiced their support for him calling out the unnecessary devotion to grilling in America.

“Objectively correct take,” wrote one anti-grill advocate. “There’s a reason that when you go out to a nice restaurant, they have stovetops and ovens, and not a bunch of grills laying around everywhere. That’s not to say grilled food is bad, but it limits the potential of your food. It’s a culinary crutch.”

Whatever side of the grill debate you land on, feel free to enjoy your preferred method of food prep while celebrating America’s birthday this weekend.