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The Best Aprons For Men: 8 Excellent Options For Every Kind of Home Chef

A good apron not only defends you from marinara geysers and barbecue stains but also makes you feel like a cook.

The job of an apron is to shield your clothes from marinara sauce geysers, barbecue sauce splatters, and all the other outfit-staining hazards that await you in the kitchen. The best aprons certainly do this, but they also fit comfortably, stay secure without impeding your movements, and provide space for your most-used tools. In short, the best aprons make you more efficient and empowered in the kitchen. Whether you refer a full or half apron, something soft, or a stiffer, more durable option that will become more pliable over time, this should remain true. Keeping this criteria in mind, here are our favorite aprons across a variety of styles and range of prices. Whether you’re looking for an every day cooking apron or a grilling apron fit for barbecuing a weekend feast, these are the best aprons for men — and the job.

Best Aprons for Men

Made from waxed cotton canvas with leather accents and brass hardware, this apron is comfortable (thanks to cross-back straps and adjustable neck straps) and durable (it’s water resistant and can be cleaned using a damp rag). Able to fit men six-and-a-half-feet and shorter.

Knife-maker Dalstrong makes some excellent, affordable knives that come with a pretty top-notch service guarantee. The company’s apron adds to their pedigree: a sharp leather apron with five storage pockets and loops for both towels and tongs.

When grilling, you don’t want anything flowy that could catch on the flames. You want something that’s stiff and stays close to the body. This heavyweight leather apron fits the bill. It’s made from a brown-suede flame retardant fabric, features two large front pockets for stowing sauces and spatulas, and is simple to adjust.

Designed for professional chefs, this cotton apron offers full coverage, can fit a variety of body sizes, and has cross back straps to ensure a comfortable fit. There are two deep tool pockets up front, a towel loop, and one smaller chest pocket. One of the cooler things is the large “kangaroo” style hand pocket that will let you stash your cell phone close by.

With multiple pockets (a double front on the chest and two utility on the hip and chest) this machine-washable cotton-polyester blend apron is a kitchen workhorse. That’s not surprising: Chef Works has dressed an untold number of cooks across the country.

Made from a cotton-linen blend, this apron is ideal for every day kitchen use when you want to be protected from splatters but still stay nimble. It has adjustable neck straps and long waist ties to fit chefs of nearly any shape or size. Machine washable.

This apron is handmade from 10-ounce denim reinforced with leather patches and features durable anti-rust vintage brass metal hardware. It also has double-stitched utility pockets. But its best feature is the split-leg design that enables better mobility.

Don’t want to wear a full length apron? Consider this half-apron. It’s made from a stiff waxed canvas and features multiple pockets. The canvas will feel stiff at first, but don't stress: the more you wear it, the more pliable it becomes.

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