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These Two Baby Girl Names Already Conquered Mississippi — Now They're Trending Everywhere

The most popular baby girl names in Mississippi are trending nationally, too.

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A few weeks ago, the Social Security Administration (SSA) released its official list outlining the top baby names for boys and girls in 2022. The list is a quick overview of the names that are gaining favor across the U.S. and which baby names are decreasing in popularity. Overall, the names that we’ve seen in the top 10 list over the past few years still reign supreme. Names like Olivia, Noah, Emma, and Liam. But when the popular baby names are narrowed down by state, the are some names that break out from the typical popular lists. Two uniquely popular baby girl names in Mississippi — that aren’t in the top 5 of any other state — are trending nationally, too.

According to SSA, the top five girl names in Mississippi in 2022 were Ava, Olivia, Amelia, Nova, and Kinsley. But these names — Nova and Kinsley — stand out. They’re unique names that aren’t seen in any other state’s top five list. But when we look at the names nationally, they’re pretty popular — and even rising in popularity.

The baby girl name Nova means “new,” according to Nameberry. The name is a nod to space as a term for “a star that suddenly increases in brightness, then fades,” the baby name expert site explains. Nova is the 4th most popular girl name in Mississippi, according to SSA’s 2022 data, and nationally, it was ranked at spot 32. It’s also had a pretty swift rise, popularity-wise.

The name didn’t appear on SSA’s list until 2011 when it finally reached the top 1000 baby girl names. Within the decade, it broke into the top 50. For the past two years, for 2021 and 2022, the name has held strong at 32.

Kinsley means “king's meadow,” according to Nameberry. This name is gender neutral, and it’s popular among parents who want something futuristic or unique, the baby name expert site explains. Kinsley is the 5th most popular girls name in Mississippi, according to SSA’s data, and nationally, it was ranked at spot 61. It has also had a really fast rise in popularity.

The name doesn’t appear on SSA’s popular name list until 2005, when it reached spot 949, narrowly making it into the top 1000 list. By 2016, the name broke into the top 100 list and although it’s dropped a few spots since its highest peak, at spot 59, it’s had an impressive rise.

To check out the complete list of popular baby names by state, and to see what other baby boy names are trending, check out the Social Security Administration’s website.