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The Rock's Unwanted Weekend Wakeup Call Is Hilarious And, Yes, We Can Relate

Dwayne Johnson shared a snippet of an unexpected wakeup call he recently had, which is both hilarious and, yes, we can relate.

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Most of us look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and wonder how he manages to get so much done in one day and where his energy comes from. He's one the hardest working guys on any movie set, plays all the tough guy roles on TV and in movies, and regularly shares his 5 am workout routines. But when he tries to sleep in on the weekend? He recently shared an unexpected wakeup call which is both hilarious and, yes, we can relate.

Johnson works hard probably needs all the rest he can get on the weekends. But a video he shared reminds us that when it comes to his role as a dad, he deals with the same toddler shenanigans we mortals do too, and that restful sleep is hard to find as a parent.

On October 2, Dwayne shared a video on Instagram of a recording he made of himself while in bed. His 6-year-old daughter Jasmine comes into the frame while giggling and asks her dad to close his eyes. Then, with his eyes closed, Jasmine tries to pop a water balloon over his head as an adorably cute prank.

With Dwayne's eyes still closed as if he's drifting off to sleep, Jasmine squeezes the balloon tightly in her hands. The balloon eventually pops, spilling water all over her dad's face, who is still in bed with his head on his pillow. The giggles she lets out when her dad plays up how the prank caught him off guard is pure joy. Then she runs out of the room quickly before he can catch her.

In the caption, Dwayne played up his unique wakeup call. "7 am. Saturday morning and playing her favorite game, 'daddy, close your eyes'….Only a fool would continue to fall for this kinda torture," he wrote, adding in several emojis.

"But man, that joyous belly laugh from her is intoxicating, so I'll happily be the fool during these little girl years," he added.

Dwayne is a proud girl dad who raised his now 21-year-old daughter Simone Alexandra (who is following in his WWE footsteps), with his ex-wife Dany Garcia. And he’s also dad to Jasmine and 4-year-old Tiana Gia, with his wife Lauren Hashian.

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