Tesla Is Recalling 1.1 Million Vehicles — Here's Why

The recall follows reports of a potential issue with the vehicles’ window system.

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Tesla is recalling nearly 1.1 million vehicles in the United States following reports of a potential issue with the vehicles’ window system. Although there haven’t been any claims of injury related to the problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a recall. Here’s what you need to know.

Why are the Tesla cars being recalled?

According to the recall notice posted by the NHTSA, the recall affecting Tesla is related to its window automatic reversal system, which may “not react correctly after detecting an obstruction.”

The NHTSA notes that the vehicles “fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 118,” which covers the power-operated window systems.

“A closing window may exert excessive force by pinching a driver or passenger before retracting, increasing the risk of injury,” the recall notice states. The notice states Tesla discovered the problem during production testing in August.

Although Tesla hasn’t released an official response to the recall, its founder, Elon Musk, alluded to the recall on Twitter.

“The terminology is outdated & inaccurate,” Musk tweeted in response to a recall headline. “This is a tiny over-the-air software update. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no injuries.”

Which models are included in the Tesla recall?

The recall includes Model 3 sedans from 2017 to 2022, and some 2020 and 2021 Model Y SUVs, the notice states.

Some 2021 and 2022 Model X SUVs and Model S sedans are also included.

What to do if you have a Tesla included in the recall?

Owners of the recalled vehicles will be notified by letter starting November 15. However, if you have a vehicle included in this Tesla recall, there’s not anything you need to do, according to Tesla.

The company said that starting September 13, vehicles in production and pre-delivery already received a software update. The software update "enhances the calibration of the vehicle’s automatic window reversal system behavior," Tesla said.

“At no cost to the customer, Tesla will deploy an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update to affected vehicles that enhances the calibration of the vehicle’s automatic window reversal system behavior to ensure compliance with FMVSS 118, Section 5, in all loading conditions,” the company noted.

“Tesla does not plan to include a statement in the Part 577 owner notification about pre-notice reimbursement because there are no out of warranty repairs related to this condition.”

For more details, visit the NHTSA recall notice.

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