Watch This Dad’s Impressive Baby-Saving Reflexes on a Slip ‘n Slide

Dad mode, activated!

A dad holds his baby on a slip n slide

A dad is going viral on TikTok for a very impressive dad reflex that might have saved a baby from a potentially dangerous injury. Of course, in any context, the video is amazing. But he’s being praised and touted as a “super dad,” and it’s super deserved. Here’s what went down.

TikTok user @rachkreiz uploaded a video that starts with a very impressive water slide where the dad in the video stands at the top with his kids. Then, as dad and his two older kids take a running jump before sliding down, a younger toddler wanders into the picture, right in the path of the dad and siblings barreling down the slide.

When pressing play on the video and seeing the toddler walk onto the slide, a parent’s first instinct is instant panic. Parents know it’s impossible to stop on the awesome power of the slip ‘n slide. And mom, who is behind the camera recording, wouldn’t have enough time to scoop the toddler off the pathway.

A potentially dangerous accident seems imminent. But instead, dad turns on dad mode and proves his reflex skills might be superhuman. As he’s sliding down at lightning speed before crashing into the baby, dad gently moves the two older kids sliding down with him to get them just out of the baby’s path. At the same time, he scoops up the toddler, preventing anyone from colliding.

It’s incredible, and the feat didn’t go unnoticed. In the comment section of the video on TikTok, thousands of people shouted the dad’s praise. “I swear some dads go into survival mode when it comes to their kids,” one person said. “That was badass.”

Another said this dad “was born to be a protector,” while another jokes, “nothing harmful here. Just super dad and kids having fun.”

And another commenter said what we’re all thinking: “Literally super dad. How is that catch even possible?”

Going to be hard to top this one.