The Best Water Guns, Cannons, and Blasters

With the warmer months finally settling in, you can almost hear the stereo shrieks coming from the pool, backyard ⏤ even the driveway ⏤ from a soaking wet, full-fledged neighborhood water gun war. This summer, rather than get taken down because your kid’s not packing the necessary heat, make sure you go into open season prepared with water blasters, super soakers, and water guns. And given the selection of insanely impressive aquatic weaponry out there, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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From recurve-bow-style guns that shoot both arrows and water streams to bike-based turrets and master blasters that send massive blasts of H20 soaring over a few neighbors’ yards, the latest aquatic weapons offer a wide range of soaking styles. So choose a couple and even the odds. Because this means war.


Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow

Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow -- water gun

Because sometimes you want to do your best Legolas or simply add a little extra oomph to your aqua blasting, there’s this bow-shaped Nerf-Super Soaker combo. Pulling back and releasing the trigger to shoots both streams of water and arrows (dunk the suckers in water to create a soggier projectile), both of which fly up to 30 feet. Bonus: those chunky missiles come in a pair and are brightly colored so they’re less likely to get lost in the midst of water gun warfare.

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Water Warriors Colossus 2 Water Blaster

Water Wars Buzz Bee Toys Water Warriors Colossus 2 Water Blaster -- water gun

Consider this a modern-day upgrade to the pressurized guns of your youth. Yeah, it has the same shell, but nice touches abound: there’s a pressure gauge on the front so you know when it’s fully ready to fire streams up to 40 feet; its nozzle is adjustable, giving you three different spray styles with a simple twist, and its tank holds 74 ounces of water.

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Sky Rocket Fuze Cyclone Bike Water Blaster

Sky Rocket Fuze Cyclone Bike Water Blaster -- water gun

Water shootouts are way more fun when they’re of the drive-by variety. This battery-powered turret mounts to your kid’s handlebars and oscillates 180 degrees to for maximum soakage. Controls sit near the rider’s thumb — bike chime-style — so kids can fire blasts and still steer themselves away from any retaliation.

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Discovery Kids Extreme Battle Water Balloon Launcher

Discovery Kids Extreme Battle Water Balloon Launcher -- water gun

Perhaps long-range warfare is more your — or your kids’ — style? This launcher is engineered to swaddle and then fire plump water balloons. The water-centric wrist rocket comes with a quick-fill hose nozzle for refueling ammo. Speaking of ammo, it comes standard with 50 balloons, which should be enough to at least start a pretty epic battle. But you can buy packs of 100 for a few bucks here.

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SwimWays Flood Force Water Cannon

SwimWays Flood Force Water Cannon -- water gun

Hand splashing? Pffft. This water cannon is the ultimate in-pool weapon. With its butt submerged in the water and the hand crank spun, it unleashes a continuous — and very thick — stream of water. Enemies run away? No worries. The Force’s reservoir easily plugs up so you can take water on-the-go for some running and gunning. Just keep an eye on the pool in question’s chlorine levels — it’s all fun in games until a kid gets blasted in the eye with over-chlorinated water.

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Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Water Blaster

Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Water Blaster -- water gun

For kids with strong backs who love space and soaking their friends, consider this pack-based suds shooter. The twin tank reservoir holds two liters of ammunition, which is fed via a hose to the Star Warsian blaster. Speaking of the blaster, it sports two, count ’em two, nozzles for double the soakage.

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Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster -- water gun

Super Soaker has become synonymous with greatness in the water gun world, so it should be no surprise the Switch Shot Blaster is ready to take an entire army by storm. With a 20 ounce barrel, it fires H20 blasts up to 25 feet. The best part, however, is that it comes with detachable stock and banana clips — that’s right, banana clips — so you can just pop one in when you run out of the wet stuff and keep on firing.

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Mizumi Shubi Watergun

Mizumi Shubi Watergun -- water gun

Unlike pretty much every other water gun on the planet, the Mizumi actually comes with a built-in defense made to deflect oncoming aquatic fire. The fist-shaped water shooter is no slouch on the offensive either with a .4 liter tank, firing streams that reach up to 30 feet away.

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Red Freezer Watergun Truck

Red Freezer Watergun Truck -- water gun

Finally, a water gun that doesn’t put you in the middle of the fray. This splash-proof R/C car cruises at top speeds of 10mph and features a front-mounted water cannon that shoots water up to 20 feet. The fat-tired truck even comes equipped with Xenon lights for nighttime water warfare — or patrolling the street and firing at anyone who doesn’t obey the neighborhood pooper scooper laws.

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