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The Best Water Guns and Blasters to Take Your Summer to the Next Level

Because moisture is the essence of wetness.

Summer without water guns, squirt guns, super soaker water guns, or water blasters is akin to a Fast & Furious movie without the hyper-charged machismo of Vin Diesel. The right water artillery, or simply put the best water gun, is the secret sauce that takes your summer from bland to badass, and turns your kids (or let’s be real, you) into the aquatic kings of the neighborhood.

You want to evaluate several factors when choosing the appropriate water weapons: Drenching power, size, weight, and firing patterns, so you can hit your targets with precision and accuracy. From double-barrel blasting power to single-handed water attacks, the latest and greatest aquatic weapons offer a range of soaking styles. They’re so fun your kids will want to use them all summer, so be prepared to confiscate their weaponry once the leaves start to turn.

While this device may be hackable by the Russians, it certainly delivers considerable firepower until then. Shielding your child's hand, it fires paintball-like water balls (included) up to 60 feet and allows him or her to record hits for posterity via a smartphone attachment. (Voila: instant replay.) When not in use, it recharges via USB. For your Iron Man in training, this is the perfect summertime compliment.

This Amazon-exclusive water gun may not look like the Super Soakers of your youth, but it just might perform better. From an 84-ounce reservoir, it charges via the classic pump action and then shoots water in one of three modes: scatter, flood, or distance, the latter of which extends to 38 feet.

If your child has the endurance, Snaen's backpack-fed system will allow him or her to exhaust the enemy while laying down a steady barrage of fire. Drawing off a 2.5-liter reservoir, it's heavier than average, but your child will also be less dependent on the nearest spigot.

For those who dig surprising their opponents, this is the gun for you. It's sleek and minimalist, and holds 40 ounces of water, with a reach of 32 feet.

With its pump-action power and 36 ounce capacity, this water gun is for those ready to throw down. You just open the cap to fill the tank.

Kids 6 and older drench their opponents with this water blaster, which features two vertically stacked barrels. You just move the handle back and forth to shoot two continuous streams of water from the barrels. The gun holds 35 fluid ounces of liquid.

This 29.5 inch water gun blasts water up to an impressive 70 feet. To reload, just immerse it in water and pull back the handle.

This space ship blaster is an inflatable hybrid water blaster that uses trigger action and has a 1.5 ounce water capacity outside the pool. Great for kids 5 and up, this inflatable water blaster looks cool and works in and out of the pool. It shoots water up to 15 feet, and has simple trigger action to get things going.

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