It's not for kids. It's for adults.


Listen To Raffi's New Song "Vote Vote Vote" Right Here

by Ryan Britt
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Children’s music legend Raffi’s brand-new song “Vote Vote Vote” is not for children. The “Baby Beluga” singer’s latest song is specifically aimed at adults, with the idea that everyone should make sure they are voting in this historic election.

Raffi isn’t coming out and endorsing a specific candidate or ideal in “Vote Vote Vote,” even though he’s made it pretty clear in interviews and on Twitter that he’s against fascists, and is in favor of any politicians who will lead the way on real reform involving climate change. In addition to “Vote Vote Vote,” he recently released another song, “Black Lives Matter To Me.” In other words, you can guess who Raffi is voting for, and it’s probably not the guy with all the tax problems.

Still, even if you didn’t agree with Raffi’s politics, a song about why voting matters makes sense for all parents. Long after this election is over, and long after our own children grow to become the age we are now, or older, voting will (hopefully) still matter. Political songs written by children’s musicians not sit right with everyone, but charmingly, Raffi really doesn’t care. And this time, he’s not singing to kids anyway.

Thinking about the far future is what should matter for parents and caregivers, and the song “Vote Vote Vote.” If we’re going to continue to do our jobs as parents, we gotta make sure we’re walking the walk, even if it’s just to the mailbox to get our absentee ballot.

You can check out more about Raffi’s activism at the Raffi Foundation right here.

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