Toddler’s Queen Elizabeth Costume Was So Good, She Responded

"It's something that we will cherish forever."

Katelyn Sutherland/Facebook; GETTY

We all have one Halloween costume we remember rocking as a kid that is never far from our memories. For one-year-old Jalayne and her mom Katelyn Sutherland, dressing up as Queen Elizabeth will be that story for them — and probably a great story that will last a lifetime, constantly being repeated at family dinners.. Not only because the costume they pulled off is incredible, but they went viral for it, too… and the Royal Family responded.

This past Halloween, Jalayne dressed up as the Queen – complete with the full outfit of a pastel dress, pearls, a blue velvet hat, tights, and sensible, modest shoes. Jalayne was accompanied, as well, by “the Queen’s corgis.” Well, they aren’t really Queen Elizabeth’s beloved dogs — they’re Jalayne and her mom’s. Katelyn was brainstorming some ideas for dressing up that year and she wanted to incorporate the toddler’s favorite things: her corgis Uncle of Jack and Rascal.

“Jalayne absolutely loves her pups,” Katelyn told Insider. “It’s almost like they are a package deal, and we couldn’t think of any better way to portray the friendship between her and her dogs.”

The Halloween costume was spot on. The button-up coat in a pastel purple, complete with a hat, a purse, pearl necklace, and she even nailed the white hair. Jalayne’s two pups completed the outfit since corgis are the dog of choice for the Queen, too.

The proud mom shared photos of her toddler’s amazing costume on Facebook that evening and it received hundreds of comments and likes. After seeing how well the outfit was received, Katelyn decided to share it with the Queen.

Katelyn mailed a letter to Her Majesty in early November and included a picture of Jalayne in her outfit with one corgi pup on each side of her. She didn’t expect a reply at all – but that’s what she got!

In December, Katelyn said she received a letter from Windsor Castle. The letter, which seems to be from the Honorary Dame Mary Morrison, a lady-in-waiting for the Queen (otherwise known as a personal assistant), said that Her Majesty loved the toddler’s outfit.

“The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter, and for the photograph you thoughtfully enclosed,” the letter said, according to The Sun. “Her Majesty thought it kind of you to write to her, and The Queen was pleased to see the photograph of your daughter, Jalayne, in her splendid outfit.”

The whole family was thrilled to see a response from the Queen for their costume. “We were exhilarated and a little in shock honestly,” she said. “It’s something that we will cherish forever.”