35 Weird Names For Grandparents According To Reddit

Old doesn't count.

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There are many resources available to help new parents pick a baby name — books, websites, the city you were vacationing in when they were conceived (hello, Austin!). But few things will prepare you for when the people who raised you make the earnest request to be called Bobo. The process of nicknaming new grandparents is a complicated custom that your kid will likely veto once they’re old enough to talk back. But if your still looking for some ideas, a number of Reddit threads yield the best, worst, and weirdest grandparent names to consider for your folks and in-laws … whether they like it or not.

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  1. Nonno
  2. Nonna
  3. Noni
  4. Nana
  5. Papa
  6. Papi
  7. Papa John
  8. Mamo
  9. Gammi
  10. Geen
  11. Gammaray
  12. Yeye
  13. Yaya
  14. Gigi
  15. Granddo
  16. Mimi
  17. Nanners
  18. Gummy
  19. Gumpy
  20. Tutu
  21. Oma
  22. Opa
  23. Nan
  24. Gunk
  25. Meme
  26. Pepe
  27. Savta
  28. Saba
  29. Bubbie
  30. Zaidi
  31. Voa Voa
  32. Voo Voo
  33. Toke? Toke
  34. Big G
  35. Elvis (aka The King)

If none of those strike your fancy, try this convenient Grandparent Name Generator. Just resist the temptation to find out your own grandparent name, because it might be “Graddy Laaranee,” and you’ll want to be too old to care before you hear that.

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