Lauren Vinopal

Lauren Vinopal is a journalist and stand-up comedian in New York City who writes about health, science, relationships, and men. She is a staff writer at MEL Magazine, and her work has appeared in MTV News, Vice, GQ, and more. She also hosts the Mid Riff Comedy Show in Brooklyn.

Child Development

Scientists Have Decoded Baby Talk — Turns Out They’re Bossing Parents Around

When babies babble, they’re communicating exactly what they want. Even if they don't know it, parents are listening.

Playing It Safe

Is Baby Powder Safe To Use? It Depends On What’s In It.

Despite divides in legal and scientific communities, it may be best for parents to switch to a safer alternative than talc-based baby powder.


How And When To Discipline A Toddler

At what age can you start disciplining your kid? It depends on how well you want it to work.

New Dads

Why Fathers Don’t Always Fall Instantly In Love With Their Babies

Dads experience overwhelming emotions when their child is born but don't exactly feel warm and fuzzy at first.


Mothers Who Smoke Weed May Pass In On Through Their Breastmilk

Marijuana compounds can stay active in breastmilk up to a week after mothers smoked it, scientists warn.


Divorce, Family Court, And Legal Weed Don’t Mix Well

Even if it's legal, parents can have their custodial rights compromised for marijuana use.

Sexy Science

Charley Horses During Sex: Why Missionary-Style Pain Hits Older Men

As men get older and last a little longer, they find themselves cramping up.


Why Do We Cry Tears Of Joy? Science Explains.

It may have something to do with comfort.

Catching Zzz's

Cuddling Kids To Sleep Could Put Them At Risk For Insomnia

Kids can become be dependent on snuggling to fall asleep.


7 Scientific Upsides To Being A Short Guy

Short guys may have it rough — but there are scientifically proven benefits, too.


Why Am I Unhappy? Because All American Men Are Getting Sadder.

As traditional masculine norms are tossed into the dust heap of history, men are failing to embrace new freedoms and finding only inner conflict.


Toxic Masculinity Is A Myth, But Insecure Men Lash Out At Women

The behavior is real, but the way we've come to talk about men who lash out obscures the problem.

Mental Health

What Men Can Learn From Lamaze Breathing

The deep focused breaths women take during labor can help dads during painful and stressful situations throughout life for a very specific scientific reason.

Mental Health

4 Things That Happen When You Bottle Up Your Emotions

Repressed feelings can wreak havoc on your physical health, experts warn.

Catching Zzzzz's

The Scientific Case For Obnoxiously Early Bedtimes

From improved school performance to reduced obesity risk, putting kids to bed early is what's best for them.

Job loss

What Unemployment Does To A Father’s Mental And Physical Health

Unemployment can literally make men sick, doctors warn.


How The Brain And Body Change When You Stop Breastfeeding

Bodies, brains, and libidos all change when people stop breastfeeding. But supportive partners and a fridge full of cabbage can help.


What Happens When You Fart In Front Of Your Wife, According To Science

Couples that fart together might be happier and healthier for it, studies suggest.


What Is The Ideal Age Gap For A Happy Marriage?

Men and women with younger spouses are the most satisfied. But give it a few years.

Men's Health

Is Erectile Dysfunction Contagious?

The biggest cause of erectile dysfunction for men in their 30s and early 40s appears to be worrying about erectile dysfunction. And the worry is spreading.