People Are Confessing to Crazy Stuff They Did as Kids on Reddit

Totally NSFW & yes, it’s crazy.

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As the end of the year wraps up and we’re on the cusp of a new decade, it’s the best time to get nostalgic and look back into the best parts of the year and the struggles we’ve overcome too. For me, I had one of the hardest years, health-wise, but on a positive, my kids are healthy, and this was the year where two out of my four kids officially grew taller than I am. It’s strange looking at them at their teen-ages and being able to remember very clearly what I was doing when I was their age. I don’t have any crazy stories from when I was younger; I was boring in comparison to this Reddit thread that’s gaining lots of traction with people sharing the “fucked up thing” they did as a kid. And oh boy, there are some good ones.

In the Ask Reddit subsection of the site, Reddit user blazed_toucan posed the 18+ question “What fucked up thing did you do as a kid?” and the answers are definitely NSFW and well, pretty crazy.

The first response starts pretty innocently and sounds like something a middle school child would do and then never be able to forget. I’m sure we’ve got someone in our own friend circle who went to a similar length to try and not die of embarrassment. Reddit user SayianPrincess19 writes, “I was pretty young when this happened maybe 13 years old? I was in a hot tub with my friends and I thought I had to fart” He continues, “it was not a fart. Pooped in my bathing suit so I casually grabbed it with my hand and while no one was looking a dropped it behind the hot tub.”

This response had a lot of replies to it, with similar poop stories including pooping in the swimming pool, someone who covered up their accident with a doorway welcome mat, and other fart gamble stories.

Another user shared a more sinister story that thankfully didn’t go anywhere. Reddit user Zipperpants says that they had tried to poison their mom’s boyfriend when they were around 11 years old. They explain, “I had one of those science kits from the Scholastic book fair. I took the citric acid and dumped the whole container into his drink. He sipped it and just said, ‘this tastes like shit’ and dumped it out.” Thankfully nothing horrible happened to their mom’s boyfriend and Reddit user ElfTrain replied to this story adding to the humor. “I find this even funnier because citric acid is harmless,” they explain. “I think I’ve actually seen it recently at Walmart for cooking purposes.”

Kid logic is scary and funny sometimes.

The rest of the thread shares a mix of stories that include chocolate ex-lax to a sibling, kids who were at the age where sex and pregnancy were fascinating but too big of a concept to actually understand, and getting bullies to forever leave them alone by shitting their pants.

So far, this Ask Reddit thread is nearly 23 thousand comments deep, and it’s totally worth a full read if you’ve got the time.

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