Totally Unscientific Map Of The Worst Cities In Each State Is Hilarious

Is it accurate? No, but it's funny.

mattsurelee @ instagram

This year has been a challenging one for many reasons—one of those being that many people have had had to halt our travel plans to destinations far and wide, from international escapes to road trips across the United States. But, thankfully, a brave soul took it upon themselves to create an unscientific map of the worst cities in each state, just in case anyone is trying to do some pre-travel research, and the results are hilarious. Here’s what you need to know.

Matt Shirley, who runs the Instagram account @matsurelee, loves polling his 400,000 followers to find random and interesting things. Recently, he asked people to weigh in and vote on which city is the most “overrated” in each state. And we have the results in map-form.

Digg, which was the first to report on Matt’s latest map, reminds us that Matt’s maps “never claim to be scientifically accurate or objecting.” The site also notes, though, that the data he collects and maps out in fun digestible ways “never fail to provide for a good laugh.” And this one is no exception.

Taking a peek at the map, it’s clear that more often than not, the most overrated city is the most well-known one too. The likely reason is that there’s so much hype around the city, and it just can’t live up to the accolades. You know, like when you sit to watch a movie that has been gassed up for so long as “the best movie ever,” and when you finally watch it, it sucks in comparison to what everything has told you? That’s exactly what happens to the most-hyped city, like Miami, Florida, as an example, or Los Angeles, California. It never lives up to the expectations and thus, becomes overrated.

According to Matt, “by far the most voted for city was LA.” He also revealed, “for the number of followers I have from New York, I got a shockingly few number of responses from them. Which must mean there aren’t many overrated cities in NY.”

Another state to note is New Jersey. It arguably came up with the best answer on which city is the most overrated. “They’re all garbage” isn’t only accurate; it’s hilarious and very on-brand for the state. Earlier, when Matt polled his Instagram followers to find out which state has the most beef with each other, New Jersey answered with “hates everyone.”

Now, remember the data here is a more fun survey than anything grounded in science. We don’t have to take the answers too seriously. Still, this information will come in handy when we can restart our travel plans.