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ICYMI: This Map Shows What States Have The Most Beef With Each Other

This extremely unscientific map shows some states hate other states a lot.

Instagram / mattsurelee

The reality of life is that not everyone is going to get along. Some personalities just clash, sometimes effective communication isn’t possible. Other times we let our preconceived notions of someone get in the way of really giving a chance. In most of these cases, there’s a reason why the relationship is never going to work. And other times it just is – like Montagues and Capulets will never get along. Well, one extremely unscientific map highlights the irrational nature of beef with an illustration of what states hate other states, sometimes for zero reasons at all.

Matt Shirley, who runs the Instagram account @matsurelee, asked people to weigh in and vote on which state their home state is their least favorite over a year ago — and in case you missed it, we have the map right here.

On Reddit, Matt explained how he compiled the data. “Methodology: I asked my ~300k Instagram followers which state their home state dislikes the most using the ‘questions’ feature on my Instagram story,” he explained.

From there, he “logged the results,” writing, “Whichever answer I got the most for each state was placed on the map using Adobe Illustrator.” He didn’t reveal how many of his followers participated and voted.

Taking a peek at the map, it seems states most often hate the states that surround them. This is probably because there’s a lot more comparison between Kansas and Missouri, for example. Or Iowa and Nebraska. Texas and Oklahoma, obviously, have a clear and present beef with the UT Austin and OU rivalry. But a lot of states hate Texas, actually — California, Hawaii, and New Mexico do, too.

The state that seemed to log the most votes was a clear win for California, with nearly every state in the midwest, bordering on the West Coast, hating the big state. Another one to note is Florida hates itself, which makes sense, honestly.

This map is far from scientific and should certainly be taken with a grain of salt.  It’s a fun survey more than anything scientifically sound. Still, it’s good to note who might have beef with who — especially New Jersey, who appears to hate… well, everyone.