Celebrities: Just Like Us!

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher's Home Bathroom Policy Is Actually Brilliant

Mila Kunis admitted that she has an "open door" policy at home, even for the washroom.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: (L-R) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis attend the 94th Annual Academy...
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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may be famous actors whose lives feel very different than our own. But when it comes to their roles as mom and dad, it sounds like they're in the same boat as we all are. And parents can tell you that many things we thought important go out the window when we're thrown into parenthood — and that includes privacy.

Mila and Ashton are parents to two kids, 7-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle and 5-year-old son Dimitri. Mila recently spoke about their bathroom policy at home, which probably sounds weird unless you're a parent, too.

Talking to E! News, Mila said there is no privacy at home, and they have an open door policy while at home with their kids. And, yes, this "includes the bathroom."

"It's just one of those [things] where, for better or for worse, as a family, and the kids, [we] have all kind of embodied bodily function as a very standard norm," Mila added.

She explained that she "never thought" she would be someone who would have an open door policy when it came to using the washroom. But all that changed when she had two kids who didn't understand boundaries.

Mila said her change in bathroom door policy came after her two kids constantly tried to barge in when the door was shut and locked.

"It doesn't matter if I closed it. It never made a difference," Mila shared, adding that if she closed and locked the door, her kids would knock "every two seconds" regardless.

"I was like, 'Oh, forget it, just keep the door open,'" she admitted. Because we must pick and choose our battles, and this wasn't one she wanted to choose.

Mila certainly isn't alone in her thoughts here. The debate on whether to shut the door to the washroom has been discussed in parenting forums for years. Of course, the open door policy doesn't only stop the incessant knocking that will happen regardless.

Still, for many parents, it's a safety thing — as well as a hygiene thing. It’s important to make sure that kids get a sense of basic hygiene early, and an open door bathroom policy makes a lot of sense for encouraging that, especially for younger kids. In addition, toddlers are sneaky and quick, so having all eyes on them sometimes trumps the awkward feeling of having an audience while you do your thing. Either way, rock on mom and dad!