The Map of the World’s Most Wanted Toys Is Confusing For One Big Reason

Is a gaming system really a 'toy'?

Every year, parents start their seemingly impossible search for the number one thing on their kid’s holiday list. The toy that’s not easily found on the shelves or available online becomes a quest each season. And if parents are lucky enough to secure the gift, and they’re able to watch their kids’ eyes light up as they open it, we feel like a superhero, at least for that morning. But what is the most wanted toy? If we know ahead of time, can that help us in our search? Luckily there’s a map that shows the most wanted toy in every country to help us out… and it is not so surprising at all. What is surprising, however, is whether or not a PS5 or an Xbox could be considered a toy.

A gaming system? An entertainment center? A path to interactive play? No doubt. But a toy, like a basketball, or a rocking horse, or a remote-control car? Consider us unconvinced.

Still, TheToyZone sought to answer this important question for parents. Using a list of popular toys outlined by Wikipedia and the Toy Association, TheToyZone “cross-referenced them with popular toy round-ups” from several sources. And it’s clear that gaming systems are seriously on top globally, with a little competition from Barbie and Lego.

From there, in October 2021, data was gathered using “monthly Google searches for each toy in each country and isolated those with the highest search volume to reveal the most popular in each category.” TheToyZone then put all those details in an easy-to-read map.


Most wanted toy in North America:

In North America, the most popular toy is the PlayStation 4 which was named most popular in 9 countries in North America. However, the PS5 is highest in the US and Canada favors Xbox Series X. Mexico’s favorite is Funko Pop, Haiti chose Barbies, Guatemala’s favorite is Hot Wheel cars, and Guadeloupe chose Scrabble.

Most wanted toy in Europe:

Looking closer at Europe, the top favorite toy is Lego, which holds the top spot in 11 countries including Denmark, Hungary, and Estonia. Norway likes Nerf, Greece likes Playmobil, and Belgium likes Scrabble, too.

Most wanted toy in Africa:

The top toy in Africa was Barbie, landing the top toy in 15 countries; the Middle East and Central Asia came out to support PS4, which held top toy in 10 countries; and in the rest of Asia and Oceania 8 countries PS4 reigns there, too.

World’s favorite ‘90s toys:


TheToyZone then took things a step further, adding additional maps to show more data about toys, including the favorite ‘90s toy in each country, the favorite doll around the world, and the toys our kids ask for based on their favorite TV shows.

While the people in the United States feverously collected Beanie Babies, Canada was busy taking care of their Tamagotchis, and the rest of the world had their heads down in their Game Boys.

World’s favorite dolls:


The most favorite doll around the world isn’t a surprise. Barbie, which is one of the most beloved toys in the world, was searched more than any other doll in 68 countries. Second place went to Funko Pop toys.

World’s favorite toy based on a TV show:


Ask any parent who has kids between the ages of two and eight what their kid’s favorite TV show is and most often you’ll hear PAW Patrol. The show is popular everywhere and it took the top wanted toy in 25 countries, including the US, Canada, Namibia, India, and Great Britain.

Good luck finding your kids’ favorites this year, happy shopping, and set a reminder on your calendar to start shopping earlier next year.