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These 7 Toys From the ’90s Are Some of the Best Toys, Period

Here's how to get them.

On September 22, 1994, Friends debuted on NBC, showcasing perhaps the least realistic Manhattan apartment in television history. Four years later, in 1998, the unholy Furby was released, which was both highly coveted (at the time) and highly annoying. And in 1997, sandwiched between the two, kids first encountered the boy wizard known as Harry Potter when Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone hit brick-and-mortar shelves in 1997, long before author J.K. Rowling began spewing her transphobic commentary. The ’90s were a boon for pop culture and continue to be relevant today, thanks largely to ’90s toys. The best ’90s kids toys pay tribute to the decade of the Rachel cut and Gryffindor, while also introducing today’s youth to popular 1990s toys that kept millennials entranced.

The new and (we think) improved Furby works in tandem with the app. It shows its feelings with 150 eye color animations and sleeps when you put on its sleep mask.

This handheld digital pet was released in 1997. The current version lets you feed it, turn its lights on/off, play with it, give it medicine, flush after it’s used the bathroom, check its health, and put it in time out when it misbehaves.

Same concept, better packaging. The goal here, for elementary school-age kids, is get the mouse all the way around the board without it landing in the trap, while also capturing opponents' mice.

First designed as a series of tiny dolls and released in the early '90s, today's more fashion-forward Polly Pockets live in elaborate and endlessly modular worlds. This particular set is shaped like the planet Saturn, complete with topography and a ring, and includes two dolls, as well as a removable lunar vehicle.

The first Super Soaker went on sale in 1990. And it's still ever-popular today because water guns. This particular one holds up to 50 fluid ounces of water that can be blasted 38 feet.

Back in 1996, you'd consider yourself blessed indeed if you could score a Tickle Me Elmo. The toy was un-gettable. It's still around today, though nowhere near as popular. This version says six phrases and laughs when toddlers tickle his belly.

Kids still lose themselves in the elaborate world cooked up by Rowling. This richly illustrated tome adds depth to Rowling's classic, published in 1997.

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