This ‘Lego Roomba’ Almost Makes Cleaning Up Bricks Fun

Every parent is going to want one of these awesome machines.

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YouTube: The Brick Wall

Almost every parent has experienced the excruciating and oddly specific pain of stepping on a Lego. Fun would not be a word to describe it. And while kids aren’t about to stop those marathon building sessions, YouTube’s The Brick Wall may have figured out a way to at least protect mom and dad’s feet: It’s called “The Lego Roomba,” and it’s badass.

It’s also pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The Brick Wall created a Mad Max-esque robovac made almost entirely out of Legos that sweeps up and collects bricks left lying around the house. The ingenious contraption can gather pieces of almost any size and even has a retractable robotic arm.

The major difference between the Lego Roomba and real robot vacuum is that it’s not autonomous. Instead, it’s controlled by a manual remote. Still, that’s a hell of a lot easier than picking all those bricks one at a time. And given how fun the Lego Roomba looks, parents may even be able to convince their kids to clean up after themselves.

The only real downside? The Lego Roomba is, for now, only a one-off invention. The Brick Wall built it for the video but isn’t about to start selling it on Amazon any time soon. That said, hopefully, as more parents discover the game-changing R/C bot, demand will grow and one day, every Lego-filled household will have a robovac whose job it is to sweep up stray plastic bricks.

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