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Brixo Bricks Make LEGO More Awesome With Bluetooth Activated Light, Motor, And Motion Sensor

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It’s possible to be an educational, functional, beautiful, and/or flat-out fun building block in a LEGO world, but when the histories are written, it may come to pass that there’s simply no building a better brick. If that’s the case, Brixo has the right idea: make the better brick better.

Brixo are curiously LEGO-like construction blocks — sorry, “LEGO-compatible” — that provide the electricity to animate your kid’s Brickenstein. They’re painted in shiny, non-toxic chrome and powered by built-in, low-voltage batteries. Connector Blocks form wire-free circuits into which Action Blocks are embedded to deliver LED light or motorized movements. Trigger Blocks are added to activate said movements via light, sound, and motion sensors. When combined with the King Of All Bricks, Brixo makes helicopter rotors spin, fire engines light up, sharks shoot frickin’ lasers — anything you can think of to make those LEGOs come alive. All while you amuse yourself by refusing to give your kid instructions beyond, “Just be ‘bout that Action, Blocks.”

Perhaps the coolest feature is Brixo are controllable via Bluetooth. So you can activate creations with your phone or link them to other devices, websites, and apps and, in the words of Brixo’s kind of hilarious product intro video, “Do all kinds of ‘If This Then That’ cool stuff.”

You can learn more about Brixo from their founder’s recent Reddit AMA or their Kickstarter campaign. Otherwise, you can just watch that same video, which affirms that Brixo will absolutely not solve any of your real-life problems. They will make your LEGO slightly more awesome, which is definitely more impressive.

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