This Lego-Covered Gun Is Unfortunately Very Real

"Responsible gun owners should be appalled by this."

Culper Precision

A gun that is covered in Legos has become the center of a growing controversy, as people are complaining that the very real gun looks way too much like a toy that kids would instinctively want to use. And when you look at the gun, you have to agree that they have a point.

Culper Precision, the company that made the colorful firearm, is based in Utah and makes custom modifications to guns. Last week it unveiled its newest product: a kit that allows handguns to be covered in red, blue, and yellow Legos. It’s like Lego and the NRA had a baby… yeah.

On its website, Culper Precision bragged that after “building guns out of blocks for the last 30 years” they wanted the opportunity to “flip the script to aggravate Mom.” Whatever that means…

For what we think are fairly obvious reasons, not everyone is happy with the “Lego Glock,” as many have pointed out that because the gun is designed to look like a toy, it’s likely to attract attention from children. And given that tens of thousands of children already accidentally shoot themselves or others in the United States, and about 1,300 kids per year die of gun violence, it might not be the best idea to own a gun that is designed to look like one of the most popular children’s toys in the world.

Shannon Watts, the founder of the gun control grassroots organization Moms Demand Action, told The Washington Post that “responsible gun owners should be appalled by this” and tweeted her disdain for Culper Precision’s product while noting that “unintentional shootings among children have risen by 30% in the last year.”

Some have questioned how something like this is even legal, including Kristin Song, who lost her 15-year-old son in 2018 after he accidentally shot himself. It’s a fair question but while there are federal laws in place to keep toy guns from looking too real, there are not any laws that restrict real guns from looking like toys.

Culper Precision Brandon Scott has maintained that the product is meant to emphasize the fun of shooting and downplayed the potential risk of a “Lego Glock.” If someone was shot by one of these guns, he insisted that the owner would be responsible rather than the company.