The Latest 'Limited Edition' Oreo Is Actually The Best Oreo Yet

Oreo’s epic limited edition Oreo flavor leaves no room for debate on whether it’s the best cookie of all time.

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Oreo's new Oreo flavored double-stuffed Oreo sandwich cookie

There are two types of people in the world: those who like double-stuffed Oreos and those who are very used to being wrong. The combination of chocolatey cookie with a double dose of crème is really hard to beat. What’s a better cookie? It’s easy to say that only Oreo could outdo the Oreo. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with their latest “Limited Edition” Oreo.

According to USA Today, Oreo is about to drop the most epic limited edition Oreo flavor that leaves no room for debate on whether it’s the best cookie of all time. The cookie maker will take what makes the original cookie as iconic as it is, then up the magic to give us a double stuffed Oreo stuffed with Oreo flavor. It’s the most meta Oreo yet.

“The OREO Most OREO OREO Sandwich Cookies are the classic, original snack cookies you’ve always known and loved, but with the unforgettable twist of cookies-n-creme flavor creme you never knew you wanted,” the cookie description reads.

Oreo has always been creative when it comes to its limited-edition flavors. Over the years, there’s been hype around the mint-flavored Oreos, pumpkin spice, confetti-infused, and rainbow-filled Oreos, among so many others.

With the new Oreo Most Oreo Oreo cookie hitting shelves soon, the other favorites might be nudged out of that top spot. It’s hard to beat an Oreo flavored double-stuffed Oreo.

According to USA Today, another limited-edition Oreo hit the shelves too, but they’re not available in the United States yet. Limited edition Blackpink Oreos, which celebrate the world-famous K-pop group, are available in Southeast Asia. Those cookies are pink with a black crème and come with collectible cards, too.

The limited edition Oreo Most Oreo Oreo sandwich cookies are available for pre-sale on Oreo.com and will begin arriving in stores starting January 30th. Don’t be afraid to fight for a box.

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