Oreos Is Just Selling Bags of Broken Oreos Now

It's a baking thing. But still.

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Oreos are the GOAT store cookie, and as such everyone has a preferred variety — classic, Double Stuf, or the limited-edition Mega Stuf — and technique of eating them. There’s the simple bite, of course, as well as the classic twist and lick maneuver that’s an essential part of the American childhood. But the best way to eat Oreos might just be as a part of other desserts: perched atop a cupcake, blended into ice cream, or as the crunchy base of a cheesecake. To borrow a slogan, there’s no wrong way to eat an Oreo.

Nabisco knows this, which is why Oreo Cookie Crumbles, the latest advancement in Oreo technology, is such a no-brainer. After all, baker-parents around the country have been crushing plastic bags full of Oreos with a rolling pin or pulverizing them in a food processor for decades. These pre-made crumbles remove that step, but that’s not the only reason they’re a better baking ingredient.

Crucially, the filling is not included. We know, we know: what’s the point of an Oreo without the filling? But hear us out: Eschewing the cream means you get a drier, more chocolatey Oreo flavor that’s a better accompaniment to standard dessert recipes that are often already moist and plenty sweet.

They won’t be satisfying to eat on their own, but that’s not the point. Each one-pound bag of Oreo Cookie Crumbles shows them sprinkled on top of some kind of pudding, and the packaging also includes a “fun recipe.” This isn’t a ready-to-eat-cookie, it’s a ready-to-use baking ingredient, though we imagine a sizeable percentage of each bag won’t make it to the final dish, as sampling will be impossible to resist.

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