Meep Meep

Kid Cudi Invented A New Language With His Daughter And It's Better Than Pig-Latin

Kid Cudi recently shared an anecdote about his 12-year-old daughter Vada that really stole the show.

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There is a lot you learn when you become a parent. And it’s not all focused on how to know what your baby needs or how to convince your toddler to eat the broccoli on their dinner plate. Sometimes you gain the knowledge you never imagined for yourself. For some, that’s all the lyrics to Baby Shark or which Bluey episode will help your kid calm down. For Kid Cudi, parenthood helped him learn a new language that only he and his daughter know.

Kid Cudi recently visited paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about his latest album and TV special. But an anecdote about his 12-year-old daughter Vada really stole the show. Jimmy prompted Kid to talk about a conversation they had backstage about his secret language with his daughter.

“But you were telling me backstage, you go, ‘Yeah, I think I actually created a different language as well with my daughter,’” Jimmy recalled. “You showed me this. And it's very interesting,” he said before asking if Cudi has a name for the secret language with his daughter.

“No, not yet,” Kid said. “No, because it's just starting really.” He then explained the language a bit, saying it’s “kind of like Road Runner.”

He explained that he sends his daughter “silly messages all the time,” like sending voice notes of strange noises he makes “for no reason.”

And from there, a super adorable secret language was born, where they essentially talk to each other in “meep” noises. He sent the first message of a made-up language — and she responded in kind. Now, they have a whole (hilarious) way to communicate.

“I sent, ‘Meep meeps poos. Meeps poopis morpus,’” Kid said. “Meaning like, ‘I [bleep] my pants.’”

The whole conversation Kid and Jimmy had probably sounded bananas to people who aren’t parents. But it’s one of the reasons why parenting is just so much fun.