Fart-Themed Bluey Episode Was Banned In The US — But Not Anymore

An episode of Bluey from Season 3 titled “Family Meetin”g was banned from the platform because it did not meet the “broadcast standards and practices” for Disney Junior.

A screenshot of Bluey
BBC Studios

Although Bluey Season 3 just hit Disney+, one episode was missing. Actually, not just missing, but banned. Apparently, the content of one particular Bluey episode — which had already aired in Australia, wasn’t up to a very specific standard for Disney and the US audiences.

Here’s which Bluey episode was banned, why it was banned, and when it’s actually coming to Disney+, anyway.

Which episode of Bluey was banned from appearing on Disney?

The show is licensed to air in the US through Disney, and according to TVLine, an episode of Bluey from Season 3 titled Family Meeting was banned from the platform because it did not meet the “broadcast standards and practices” for Disney Junior.

In the episode, Bluey’s mom Chili accuses her husband Bandit of “fluffing,” (which is Australian for farting) in Bluey’s face he wakes up and climbs out of bed. This accusation sets off a whole plotline where Bandit is put on “trial” with Chili acting as the judge. Bluey and Bingo are called as witnesses as the family tries to piece together whether the dad farted in the kid’s face.

Even writing that is enough to make a serious adult giggle and it’s a hilarious plot for a kid’s TV show. The episode originally ran in Australia in December, per TVLine. But Disney didn’t seem to appreciate it, so it was quietly left off the US release on Disney+.

When will the banned episode be available on Disney+?

According to a statement released to Pirates & Princesses, “at the time the series was acquired” there were some episodes that were in question whether they were appropriate for the Disney streaming platform.

“Now that it is rolling out on other platforms,” Disney+ said, “it is a great opportunity to reevaluate, which is what we plan to do.”

“‘Family Meeting’ will roll out on U.S. platforms soon,” a Disney spokesperson said, without giving an exact date.

Are there other banned Bluey episodes?

According to The Guardian, Family Meeting isn’t the only episode of Bluey that didn’t make it past Disney’s standards in the US. “A season two episode called Dad Baby, in which Bandit acts as if he’s going through childbirth, has never been available on Disney+ or Disney Junior,” the site explains.

Season 1 and 2 of Bluey are available to stream on Disney+ now, as is the first half of Season 3. The remaining episodes of Season 3 will roll out later this year.