John Mulaney's Baby Boy Just Hit A Terrifying And Adorable Milestone

There are some milestones in parenthood that we look forward to, and then there are others that we’re more anxious than thrilled.

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There are some milestones in parenthood that parents look forward to, and then there are others that make parents more anxious than thrilled. Of course, all are important in putting together those building blocks that help our toddlers eventually grow into adults. For Olivia Munn and John Mulaney, their 13-month-old son has hit a more terrifying than a thrilling milestone.

On January 9, Munn shared a short video of her son Malcolm Hiệp whom she shares with Mulaney. The toddler is wearing an adorable set of pajamas, standing in front of a door with his hand firmly on the handle. He looks at his mom behind the camera and slowly pulls down on the handle. The door opens, Malcolm sits down, then slowly starts to crawl back to his mom before the video cuts off.

The caption written on the video, posted to Munn’s Instagram profile, reads: “He's opening doors now???”

On the social share, Munn goes into more details sharing that with her toddler now reaching the milestone of opening the door; she’s not ready.

“Oh no…,” she wrote, adding the face with peeking eye emoji. “I’m not prepared! Aggghh!!”

According to experts, kids between the ages of 26-37 months, which is approximately 2-3 years old, is when kids reach the milestone of being able to open doors. “Children at this age may be able to open doors,” Parenting Counts writes, “so special care is required to make sure they are supervised and in safe areas.”

Given Mulaney and Munn’s kiddo isn’t even a year-and-a-half old yet, and not yet walking full time, it makes sense that she’s surprised Malcolm is able to open doors now. With their door handle not being a traditional grab-and-twist one, it’s easier for their little one to practice and master the art of opening the door.

In the comment section of Munn’s video post, Mulaney joked about his son’s new milestone: "I should teach him to knock first."