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JLo And Ben Affleck Just Hit A Crucial Blended Family Milestone

Blended families come with unique milestones, and Jennifer Lopez recently hit a big one with her husband, Ben Affleck.

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Blended families come with unique milestones, and Jennifer Lopez recently hit a big one with her husband, Ben Affleck. The two married last summer, and between them, they’re co-parenting five kids. And their next big step? Learning how to co-habitat.

In an interview with Today, JLo opened up about her blended family and hitting the huge milestone of living together.

“We moved in together. The kids moved in together,” Lopez told the publication.

Together, the stars are parenting Lopez’s 14-year-old twins, Emme and Max, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and Affleck’s three kids with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, 17-year-old Violet, 14-year-old Seraphina, and 10-year-old Samuel.

JLo admitted that reaching this milestone where they can have a home they call theirs together has been a mix of challenges and really good things.

“It’s been, like, a really kind of emotional transition,” she explained, “but at the same time all your dreams coming true. And it’s just been a phenomenal year. Like, my best year I think since my kids were born.”

JLo has opened up before on the unique circumstances of blending a family and the care that needs to be taken along the way.

"The transition is a process that needs to be handled with so much care," JLo previously said about learning to co-parent with a blended family. And through that, she’s learning more about Ben’s kids, and he’s learning about hers.

“What I hope to cultivate with our family is that his kids have a new ally in me and my kids have a new ally in him,” she previously shared. “Someone who really loves and cares about them but can have a different perspective and help me see things that I can’t see with my kids because I’m so emotionally tied up.”

According to experts, taking your time is important when blending a family and moving in together. “It helps to be realistic about how long it takes for relationships to develop and for everyone to get used to being in your new family,” the Raising Children Network shares. “It can take at least 2 years.”

It sounds like JLo and Affleck are in this for the long haul, and taking their time is working.

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