Show Your Kid Blue Origin’s Awesome Space Flight Video

Jeff Bezos officially made his mark in the billionaire space race.

Jeff Bezos officially became the second billionaire to reach the final frontier this month, as the Amazon founder successfully completed a flight to space aboard a Blue Origin spacecraft.

The New Shepard capsule launched at 9:00 am EST this morning and headed up 65 miles above ground. Bezos and three other passengers experienced about three minutes of weightlessness before heading back down to earth. The entire flight took about 11 minutes.

You can watch the entire space flight via Blue Origin’s YouTube channel, as they captured the entire event on video. The video is over two hours long but if you are just looking to watch the flight, you can skip straight ahead to about an hour and 43 minutes in to get to the action.

Bezos’ maiden voyage comes a little over a week after Virgin Galactic owner and billionaire Richard Branson flew into space on a test flight of the company’s spaceplane. After the flight, Branson said that his ultimate mission was “to turn the dream of space travel into a reality.”

The former Amazon CEO founded Blue Origin in 2020 with a similar vision of making space travel possible for everyone and this flight could signal a small step or giant leap in that direction. After the flight, Blue Origin announced that tickets for commercial space flights would be going on sale and you can sign up on their website to receive more information about potentially booking a trip to space.

With Bezos and Branson both trying to make space travel achievable for the masses, it appears we have entered a new kind of space race that is between billionaires instead of governments. Of course, trips to space are expected to cost about a quarter-million dollars, so it may be a while before the common folk are actually able to make the voyage for a family vacation.