IKEA Announces Another Recall of the Same Dresser, Again

IKEA recalls 820,000 dressers due to risk of tipping over and crushing small children

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IKEA has announced another recall that’s important for parents with young children. The furniture store along with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have issued a recall of their popular dresser due to concerns of it tipping over and causing a potential harm to children. Here’s what parents need to know.

Ikea has issued a recall of 820,000 of their KULLEN dressers, which they say are at risk of tipping over and crushing or injuring small children. This new recall is an expansion of an early 2016 recall that included 17.3 million dressers. This latest recall announced on Wednesday, March 4th is for its three-drawer KULLEN dresser.

According to the CPSC recall notice, these dressers were sold at IKEA stores and online in both the United States and Canada between April 2005 and December 2019 for about $60. The recall is issued because the dressers can be “unstable if it is not anchored to the wall, posing tip-over and entrapment hazards that may result in death or serious injuries to children.”

IKEA dressers like the KULLEN, have been linked dozens of injuries and at least nine deaths of children. The store giant said on Wednesday that it had received six new reports of these three-drawer KULLEN dressers tipping over; two of those incidents included minor injuries.

To find out if you have one of these recalled drawers in your home, check the product label on the side of the side or top frame of the product. The recalled dressers will have the following information on that label: a 5-digit supplier number, 4-digit date stamp, IKEA logo, country of origin and the words “KULLEN.”

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The CPSC is urging anyone who owns a KULLEN dresser to immediately stop using it if it is not properly anchored to a wall. According to the recall notice, consumers can order a wall anchoring kit from IKEA free of charge or return the dressers for a full refund, either by bringing them to the store or arranging a pickup by IKEA.

“If you do not want to anchor your chest/dresser to the wall, and prefer not to return the chest/dresser to the store yourself, contact us, and we will come to your house, pick the chest/dresser up, and give you a refund free of charge,” the company says on its website.

For further information on the recall, you can call IKEA’s toll-free recall hotline at 888-966-4532 or check their recall notice online for more information.

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