Daniel Craig Is Actually James Bond IRL: Receives Bond Title From the Queen

Queen Elizabeth honored Craig in her annual New Year Honours.


In a bit of life imitating art, Daniel Craig was honored by the Queen of England with the same title that his on-screen persona James Bond has received. Here is everything you need to know about Craig’s newest and most honorary title.

What Title Did the Queen Give Daniel Craig?

As part of her annual New Year Honours, Queen Elizabeth awarded Craig with the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG), a British order of chivalry founded in 1818. It is a distinction that is mostly reserved for members of the military or people who work in public service but Craig was honored for his “services to film and theatre.”

Why Is He Getting the Title Now?

Because Craig’s time as 007 has officially come to an end with the release of No Time to Die last year. Craig held the role of Bond since 2006 and he’s become one of the most revered actors to play the role, right alongside Sean Connery. So this feels like a bit of a career achievement award, recognizing Craig as the central figure in helping maintain Bond’s relevance in the 21st Century.

It also doesn’t hurt that the Queen has affiliated with Craig’s Bond before, as he famously escorted her to the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics back in 2012, ending with the two skydiving into Wembley Stadium (some might argue neither of them actually jumped from the helicopter but I choose to believe it was them).

James Bond Has the Same Title?

Yes, Bond was fictionally decorated with the CMG in Ian Flemming’s 1954 book You Only Live Twice. And that’s actually not the only title Craig and Bond share, as both have been named as honorary Commander in the British Royal Navy. Craig was given the title back in September to coincide with the release of No Time to Die, his final Bond film.