Man Has First Car Wash. Watch His Mind Getting Blown

This is the best video you will see this week.

To most of us, getting your car washed is little more than a necessary task on the never-ending to-do list in life. But after you watch this 78-year-old man go through a car wash for the first time, you may find yourself rediscovering the wonder of getting your car washed and dried in just a matter of minutes.

The man’s daughter filmed him going through a car wash for the first time in his life and his reaction to the entire experience was every bit as charming as it was hysterical. The Newfoundland resident sat in awe of the entire process, continually asking questions like if they had to get out of the car and whether or not the car wash would accept a debit card as payment.

According to his daughter, she decided to get a car wash after some snowfall and did not realize that her dad (who “had lived in one town his entire life”) had never been through a car wash before in his nearly eight decades of existence. She decided to film his reaction and boy am I glad that she did because his childlike discovery of this groundbreaking technology will make you appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

There are so many life lessons we could all learn from this man, including the importance of trying new things even in the later chapters of our lives. It can be easy to settle into routines but as it has often been said, variety is the spice of life. And as we head into the new year, perhaps all of us could benefit from getting outside of our comfort zones and having our own car wash experience.

When the car wash finally came to its natural conclusion, he needed only two words to perfectly summarize the entire experience: “fucking amazing.”