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The Best Chore Apps For Families Who Need To Organize Their Lives

No more yelling at your kids to take out the trash.

Don’t silently judge parents who are glued to their phones 24/7. Yes, they might be gaming. Or Instagramming. Or shopping. Or, they could be using a family chore app to deviously yet cleverly keep track of everything happening under their roof. The best chore apps for kids are like a family chore chart: they remind kids to do what you ask them to do, without you having to nag them. These family tracking apps work for adults as well, nudging you to clean the bathroom, fill the coffee maker, and generally be your best calm self.

These virtual chore wheels assign tasks to specific family members, let parents see when they’ve been completed, and pay kids an allowance for work well done. When a kid takes out the garbage, he or she makes a few bucks. Some apps allow kids to donate money to good causes; others let them invest it and use debit cards to spend it. The best chore app  have added features like shared calendars, family goals, and even chat. Because pestering kids never gets old.

Along with its shared family calendar feature, Cozi also enables parents to come up with shared to-do lists and chore lists. You can create as many lists as you want, for specific days, tasks, or getaways. You can use it to store recipes, grocery lists, and planned meals for the entire week. It has a sweet journal feature, so you can capture and save precious moments like the first time your kid empties the dishwasher without being asked. There's no financial remuneration feature, so kids don't get paid for doing stuff around the house. The app itself is free, but if you want to skip the ads, it will cost you an annual fee.

You can call it bribery. Or rewarding work well done. Regardless, this chore app lets parents create in-app chore lists and tie the work directly to perks. They get paid when they finish something. Parents can automatically transfer money to kids’ accounts and help them divide up their earnings between their spend, save, and give accounts. This specific product is unique in that lets parents limit where kids can spend their money. Kids, in turn, can track their own work chore lists and money.

If you have kids of different ages, but want them all to take part in household chores that are age-appropriate, this chore app is for you. The chores and allowance are preset by a kids' age; parents can change the settings, however, if they so wish. Also, this app lets your kid become a day trader by allowing them to invest in companies like Disney or Apple. Plus, parents can pay kids a bonus for a job that's particularly well done. The chore app itself is free, but the debit card associated with it costs money.

Parents get real-time notifications when kids clean the toilet (good luck with that) or empty the dishwasher. Families get a visual overview of what needs to happen and when and allows people to divide, track, and complete tasks. We especially dig the family chat feature, which lets parents nag their kids to finish their chores on time. Kids can send parents photographic proof that yes, in fact, they did take out the trash. And parents can transfer money to pay their kids' allowances.

This app is basically a complete chore management for your entire household. It's easy and streamlined enough for kids to use, and gives each family member separate access. There's a shared calendar, and if you buy the premium plan for $5/month, you can add unlimited family members to your account. There's also a late penalty if you, or the kids, don't complete what you're supposed to do. Plus, parents can set rewards and goals, and dole out kids' allowances.

If you're the parent who chronically forgets to order paper towels, or can't recall the last time you actually cleaned the tub, this is the app for you. It keeps adults honest and helps them keep track of what needs to get done and when. Additionally, the shared grocery feature lets you add items you need and take them off when you have them. The chore app also has a shared family calendar, which is handy. And it lets parents link chores to things kids appreciate, like filthy lucre or extra screen time. Up to 6 family members can share the app with Family Sharing enabled

This chore app promises to teach kids the value of money by tying it to hard work. Parents schedule an automatic weekly allowance and reward kids for chores. The app has a chore manager that sends out automated reminders for parents and kids. Kids get paid instantly, so they see the payoff. Kids get a physical card, but parents set limits for each kid and get instant notifications when your child buys Chipotle for lunch.

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