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This List of Clunky, Vintage Baby Girl Names Just Went Viral On TikTok

A TikToker and baby name consultant listed the vintage baby girl names that are beautiful — but not trendy, if unique is your thing.

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Choosing a baby name is a deeply personal decision. One way to get the ball rolling on your baby-name-brainstorm is to figure out the qualities of names that you like — are they nature-inspired? Are they unique? Are they short and sweet, or multi-syllabic? Are they vintage? Do you want your kid to have a lot of different options for nicknames? If vintage-inspired baby names that could inspire lots of nicknames are your thing, look no further than this viral TikTok from a baby name consultant with dozens of suggestions.

Tiktoker @hellomorgantimm is a baby name consultant who helps others narrow down names and suggests options based on trends.

She often shares name trends and ideas on TikTok, and in a recent video, she talks about "clunky" vintage baby girl names. “Clunky is a term of endearment when it comes to baby names in my book,” she explains in the caption of her video. These names are all multi-syllabic — which also means that they could have lots of nicknames, or stay classic, but without blowing up like other vintage baby names.

“These clunky baby girl names might not be the next vintage name to explode in popularity, but they do have such a soft spot in my heart,” she continues.

In her video, Morgan lists approximately 80 baby girl names that she says fall under the “clunky vintage” category. These names “probably don't have a huge chance of rising through the ranks,” she says, but there are some really beautiful options she shares in her “broad list.”

Here are a few “clunky” vintage baby girl names that stand out:

Bernadette: Bernadette is a name of French and German origin story and means “brave as a bear,” according to Nameberry. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Bernadette first entered the top 1000 most popular girls names in the U.S. in 1900, ranked 495. The name peaked in 1946 at 188 before dropping off the list completely in 1993. It also made our list of old-fashioned names for girls. A baby named Bernadette could go by a million nicknames, like Birdie, Benny, Betty, Etta, Ette, or even Bernie, a la Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. (Cue the meme: I am once again asking you...!)

Faye: Faye, another name that made our list of old-fashioned names for girls, means “loyal” or “belief,” according to The Bump. This name fits the bill for names that should take off in popularity today — it’s a short name like Emma or Olivia and has a lot of vowels — but it’s got a long history, dating back to the late 1880s. The U.S. Social Security Administration shows the name entered the top 1000 most popular girls names in the US in 1900, ranked at 229. Today, it’s ranked 564. And your daughter could be named after Faye Dunaway, an icon of her own time.

Irma: Now, Irma’s a vintage name. Irma first entered the top 1000 most popular girls names in the US in 1900, ranked at 168. The name peaked on the list at spot 137 in 1911 year. The name fell out of the top 200 in 1933 before slipping out of the ranks completely after 1995. Nameberry says the name is also German and holds several meanings, including "universal” and “complete.”

Gertrude: According to Nameberry, Gertrude means "strength of a spear" and is of German origin. This is another old-fashioned, vintage name we highlight in our list of old-fashioned names for girls, and comes with tones of nicknames, from Gertie, to Trudy, to, well, Gert!

Agnes: According to The Bump, Agnes is a name of Greek origin and means “pure” and “holy,” and it’s been around since the very early 1800s. The ranked as the 41st most popular girl name in the year 1900. Today, it’s not even in the top 1000 most popular baby girl names — meaning your baby girl would really be one-of-a-kind.

To hear her other baby name suggestions, check her out on TikTok.